What natural approaches might help FIBROMYALGIA ?

Radical decapitation, perhaps?

How many times have folks been told that nagging pain and intense soreness are all in your head? As late as 1982, fibromyalgia is not even an entry in the doctors’ standard clinical reference book, the Merck Manual. You could find myalgia, though, which was described as simple muscular pain. A lovely, predictable medical recommendation promptly followed: take aspirin for it! (p 1228)

The single most effective therapy I know of is saturation of vitamin C along with the use of calcium/magnesium supplements. This is a too easy answer to a problem that so many have really suffered with, I know. Yet just ask anyone you know with fibromyalgia this single question: Have you tried it yet?  If they still have the condition, I'll bet they haven’t. Saturation (bowel tolerance) of vitamin C is easily reached through frequent oral doses, and is fully described in these articles:

Media scare-stories to the contrary, the safety and the effectiveness of large amounts of vitamin C are well established. Large doses of vitamin C seem to have exceptional pain-relieving and even mood-lifting properties. Probably the main roadblock to widespread utilization of this all-too-simple technology is an equally widespread assumption that there simply must be unknown dangers to thousands or even tens of thousands of milligrams of C daily. Since the time megascorbate therapy was introduced in the late 1940's by Fred R. Klenner, MD, and up to today as used by Robert Cathcart, MD, there is a surprisingly safe track record. Vitamin C is far safer than any drug, period. Do not be put off the very thing that can help the most until you have looked into it for yourself.

Calcium and magnesium supplementation, even around rather low RDA levels (about 1,000 mg calcium and about 400 mg magnesium daily, in divided doses) can make a big difference in muscle health and happiness. The "calcium citrate" and "magnesium citrate" forms are the most cost-effective. Magnesium oxide, cheap and commonly put in supplements, is poorly absorbed.

While I think magnesium is the more important of the two, a deficiency of either mineral can cause tetany, or muscle spasm, among other symptoms. This I have mentioned at my website (search from the top of main page, first with the keyword calcium and then with magnesium). Dietary deficiency is the rule, rather than the exception, with both of these important minerals.

Gentle to moderate exercise can often help, too. Start light and gradually work up. Yoga stretches and walking are two good ways to go. Heavy working out may set you back, so take it easy.

My opinion for one more secret weapon: Vegetable juicing! I have never felt so good, so energetic, so UN-SORE (is that a word?) as when I juice bigtime. Again, if you have not tried this utterly non-toxic approach to better health, why not today?

Or, you can just accept the perennial medical alternatives: Take drugs, or "learn to live with it." 

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