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Infants and Vitamin C Therapy


 (Linus Pauling, PhD, twice the recipient of the Nobel Prize) 

 Any physician who gives twelve courses of antibiotics to an infant under a year old is not qualified to practice medicine.  I know more than one doctor who still does. 

 Ray, a health professional himself, brought his 11 month old son Robbie to me. The child was very sick, and had been for over a week. No one, and I mean no one, in their family had had any sleep in a long time. They were up night after night with this child, who had a high fever, glazed watery eyes, tons of thick mucus, labored breathing, would not sleep, and did little else but cry.  Day and night, night and day.

 Robbie was under the care of a pediatrician, who had been prescribing serious antibiotics all along. Antibiotics were clearly not working. This was all too apparent to Ray. 

 "Twelve rounds of antibiotics for a baby under a year old, and all the doctor wants to do is give more antibiotics?" he said. "That makes no sense at all."

 "Ray, antibiotics are their knee-jerk answer to a lot of things. There is a saying: 'When the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.'"

 "Well, we've thoroughly tried the medical route, and cooperated one hundred percent with the pediatrician. At this point," Ray said, "Robbie is worse, not better. We have got to do something ourselves, and we are going to. My wife is just as emphatic about that as I am."

 She was home, taking care of the other children. 

 I promptly acquainted Ray with the vitamin C doctors.

 "So the bottom line is to give Robbie as much vitamin C as he can hold without having loose bowels," Ray said.


 "We can do that," he said.

 And he did, too.

 So now I have a new case history record to offer: 20,000 milligrams of vitamin C daily for a 20 pound baby of 11 months of age. That's how much it took to cure Ray's baby of severe congestion, fever, and listlessness. That is 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C per pound per day; 2,200 mg "C" per kilogram body weight per day, nearly three times what Dr. Frederick Klenner customarily ordered for patients. And even at that huge amount, the baby never had diarrhea!

 You have to marvel at where it was all going. More marvelous is how quickly it worked. Ray kept in touch on the phone.

 "Robbie was noticeably improved in under twelve hours, and slept through the first night." Ray told me two days later. "He was completely well in 48 hours. Symptom free. Completely well!"

 Even without considering the harmful side effects of massive antibiotic therapy, we can look at the futility of all those repeated doses. Antibiotics are either going to work with the first or second round, or they are not going to work at all, period. There is no point in emptying twelve water fire extinguishers on an electrical fire. More of the wrong thing is just more wrong. And in a baby, just plain stupid.

 One simply must find the best, safest, and most effective way, especially with infants.  The great vitamin C advocates (Linus Pauling, Frederick Robert Klenner, Emanuel Cheraskin, William J. McCormick, Irwin Stone, Robert F. Cathcart III, and, ah... me) will tell you that you have a genuine option: consider using vitamin C as your first choice antibiotic. 

 Taking enough C results in the three C's: patient comfort, low cost, and parental control. Without necessitating the use of invasive technology nor the trauma of hospitalization, parents can regain confidence and mastery over illness to a degree that they might never have thought possible. We have now gone light years beyond the medical profession's customarily paternalistic, condescending attitude towards self-care.

 For this reason, vitamin C therapy will be decried and denounced as irresponsible quackery. It takes some real ego strength for a parent to stand firm and say, "This is what I am going to do: I am going to follow the Klenner/Cathcart vitamin C protocol."  The vitamin C doctors' shared knowledge of how it is done is the buttress that makes such a stance possible.

It's likely your very next question:
"How to you get a little child to take all that vitamin C?" The answer is, any way you possibly can. My own family hints are here:

HOW TO TREAT WHOOPING COUGH WITH VITAMIN C is a detailed protocol prepared by Suzanne Humphries, MD. Dr. Humphries is a board-certified specialist in internal medicine. This free download is very important reading for those who simply cannot get their heads around the high doses of vitamin C related in the above case story.

will be found at This is one of the most important articles at this website. It contains a doctor's answers to many questions about the therapeutic use of vitamin C.

 When I was a kid, everybody got miracle drugs. From sulfa to Physohex, we followed the crowd from waiting room to prescription counter. Our parents gave us "safe" children's aspirin. Oops, not so safe for high fevers, it was discovered. So then it was children's Tylenol (acetaminophen) for everybody. Hmm: it turns out there's some liver and kidney side effects with that, too. And, as drugs go, acetaminophen is really safe.  But drugs all carry side effects; you just choose your poison carefully. Vitamins are vastly safer. 

Law: the number one side effect of vitamins is failure to take enough of them.

 If you do choose to employ antibiotic drugs, bear in mind that they interfere with normal digestion by killing off beneficial colon bacteria. These are the very bacteria that make the B-vitamins cobalamin and biotin, help us digest many plant and dairy foods, strengthen the immune system, and repress the overgrowth of pathogenic microorganisms. After antibiotic therapy, all persons should take yogurt and an acidophillus supplement for a month or two to help restore a normal, healthy bowel environment. I have found shamefully few doctors who tell this to their patients.

 And this is not just about antibiotics. In the 1980 Physicians' Desk Reference, Prednisone didn't even have the "diamond" symbol of a frequently-prescribed drug next to its listing in the table of contents. Now it is used almost indiscriminately. For instance, I know a sixteen year old girl who had a lousy diet, innumerable colds, and chronic bronchitis. After bucketsful of antibiotics, the HMO doctors put her on Prednisone. Prednisone is a drug of desperation. When they pull out the corticosteroids, they don't know what else to do.

 Prednisone can cause the following nutritional problems, among others: sodium and fluid retention, potassium loss, osteoporosis, carbohydrate intolerance and increased insulin requirement, and a variety of gastrointestinal complications. Why subject a sixteen year old kid to this?

 On the other hand, I have in my possession two United States Pharmacopoeia statements on vitamin C for injection asserting that "there are no counterindications for the use of ascorbic acid (vitamin C)."  Additionally, it works. Intelligently employing vitamins can eliminate many dangerous side effects that come from over-reliance on over-the-counter and prescription drugs.


Many readers have long been hunting for copies of these amazingly valuable books. Your wishes have been answered. Dr. Klenner's Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C is now posted in its entirety at
The complete text of Irwin Stone's book The Healing Factor is now posted for free reading at

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