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Seminar Review
Nutrition Seminar with Andrew Saul: A Review
by Barry I. Bodenstein, DC
in the New York State Chiropractic Association District 9 Newsletter, November, 1993

When was the last time you attended a seminar that sometime during the two days didnít make you sleepy?  How about one that kept you in class for the fully scheduled time, even skipping lunch, and you didnít mind?  Thatís what happened to me when I took a nutrition seminar taught by Andrew Saul.

The class was attended by about 50 chiropractors and chiropractic assistants and emphasized practical, patient oriented nutrition rather than theory.  It was fast moving, although I felt more time was needed to cover all the material.  It was taught with a sense of humor, personal experience, and an understanding that patients often donít follow directions, so that a doctor must be flexible.

Most class time was spent discussing vitamins C and E, calcium, the value of sprouts, juicing, fasting and vegetarianism.  However, all the vitamins, many minerals, disease entities, and medical politics were also covered.  The seminar included such topics as differentiating natural and synthetic vitamins, buffered vitamin C, the foolishness of the US RDAís, how to determine daily needs of patients based on their health and habits, and the fallacy of vitamins allegedly causing or aggravating certain conditions.

The success of the seminar, however, was really determined by the way it was presented.  Dr. Saul, a nutritional consultant and instructor for three years at New York Chiropractic College, is a natural teacher.  He has had a varied career which includes being a dairy farmer, chemistry teacher, gardener, vegetarian, husband and father.  He has visited, worked and studied on five continents.

He includes these experiences in his teaching, which makes his presentation interesting, fresh and understandable.  He fields questions with ease and readily admits not having all the answers.  He thanks his students when they give him some new information and passes out questionnaires before and after the seminar as a method of improving his teaching skills.  Rumor has it that he is so well respected by his chiropractic students that he has half of them juicing.  I would highly recommend any of his seminars and look forward to taking another myself.

Andrew Saul, PhD

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