ANDREW W. SAUL: Author, Educator, and Editor

Resume and CV



Study at the Australian National University, and the Canberra Hospital, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, 1973

Bachelor of Science in Biology, State University College, Brockport NY, 1974

Graduate Study at the University of Ghana, Legon, West Africa, 1974

Visiting Student at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital (now Brigham and Women's Hospital), Boston, MA, 1974

Master of Science in Education, State University College, Brockport, NY, 1989

Non-Traditional Doctor of Philosophy in Human Ethology, Greenwich University, Hilo, HI, 1995 

Orthomolecular Medicine Today conferences, 2003-2009; 2013; 2018

Certificate of Completion of Intravenous Vitamin C Symposium, Riordan Clinic, 2016

Professional Experience:

Author and Motivational Speaker, 1976-present

Director of Non-profit Educational Corporation, the Ashwins Health Institute, Inc. 1981-86 

New York Empire State Teaching Fellowship; Rochester Area Schools 1986-1991 

Instructor (Biology; Drug and Alcohol Abuse) Genesee Community College 1991-1993

Clinical Nutrition Instructor, New York Chiropractic College 1992-1995

Lecturer for Postgraduate and Continuing Education Department; New York Chiropractic College 1993-1995

Visiting Assistant Professor, Health Sciences Department, SUNY Brockport 1995-1997

Instructor (Nutrition; Cell Biology) Genesee Community College 1997-2000

Editor and Publisher, August 10, 1999-present

Editor and Publisher, Doctor Yourself Newsletter, November 10, 2000-2006

Columnist, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 2002-2003

Contributing Editor, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 2003-2006

Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, 2005-present

Assistant Editor, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 2006-2010.

Chairman, Independent Vitamin Safety Review Panel, 2006-2012

Editorial Board, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 2010-2019

Editorial Board, Orthomoleculair Magazine [Netherlands] 2009-present 

International Advisory Board, Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy, 2013-present

Specialized Research Faculty, Sofia University, Palo Alto, California, 2014.

PhD Committee Member, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, California, 2015.

Member, Council for Nutrition and Environmental Medicine (Norway), 2015-present.

Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, International Intravenous Vitamin C China Epidemic Medical Support Team, 2020.


New York State Education Department Permanent Teaching Certificates:
Chemistry; General Science; Biology

New York State Education Department Adult Education Teaching Certificate (1981-1984)

Honors and Awards:

Winner of Three New York Empire State Fellowships for Teachers (1986, 1988, 1990)

Elected to Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society (1989)

Citizens for Health Outstanding Health Freedom Activist Award (1994)

Plaque from Parents of Allergic Children of Rochester; Westside Parents Support Group; and Reaching Autistic Children Early (1999)

Honorary Director, Gerson Institute, (2007-present)

Board of Directors, International Schizophrenia Foundation, Toronto, Canada (2007)

Inducted into the Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame (2013)

Riordan Clinic Pearlmaker Award (2016)

Institut Antoine Bechamp Human Research Award (2017)

International Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine Society, Plaque of Appreciation (2018)

Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, United States Intravenous Vitamin C China Epidemic Medical Support Team (2020)


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Letters to Newspapers:
(Partial listing; most recent first)

Letter to the Editor, The Impulse: The Student Publication of New York Chiropractic College, 13:7 June-July, 1995, p. 3.

Letter to The Stylus, SUNY Brockportís Student Publication, 82:21, April 5, 1995.

It will be easier to buy a handgun than a bottle of vitamins. Letter to the Editor, Hamlin-Clarkson Herald and Suburban News October 18, 1993, p. 4.

Cancer research shouldnít be narrowly restricted. Letter in the Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle, January 30, 1979.

Saccharin as harmful now as it was in 1908. Letter in the Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle, June 1, 1978.

Dangers of food additives arenít fully known. Letter of the Day in the Rochester, NYDemocrat and Chronicle, December 19, 1977.

Press Mentions: (Partial listing; most recent first)

Natural health doc speaks at retreat center. Newark, NY Courier Gazette, Friday, April 27, 2001.

Natural health care. Newark, NYCourier Gazette, Friday, April 6, 2001, page 6.

Groups caution on vaccination risks. Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle, September 26, 1999, page 1-B.

A simplified manual of natural therapeutics. Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, September-October, 1999 (Review of Paperback Clinic.)

Take energy diet with a grain of rice. Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle, July 22, 1997.

Nutrition expert says good health is a natural. Interview in the Brockport Post, November 28, 1996. Photograph.

Think zinc. Rochester, NYDemocrat and Chronicle November, 25, 1996, p 1-2 C.

The Billings ovulation method of birth control.The Impulse ( New York Chiropractic College Student Newspaper), 13:6 April-May 1995, p 27-28. (Also in this issue are 22 short papers, one long paper, and an editorial by my clinical nutrition students.)

Taking natureís way. Rochester, NYDemocrat and Chronicle March 11,1995, p. 1-C and  6-C. Feature interview article with large photograph.

Keep it natural. Auburn, NY Citizen, March 3, 1995 Interview article. 

Hamlin natural healer publishes guide. Hamlin-Clarkson Herald, February 6, 1995

New York Chiropractic Collegeís Andrew Saul authors new book "Paperback Clinic." Transitions, Winter-Spring, 1995, p. 11 and 20. Review and photograph.

"Paperback Clinic" delivers nutrition with style. The Impulse, 13:5 February-March, 1995, p. 18-21. Book review and interview with photograph.

Can you really be your own doctor? (Interview) Mother Earth News, January-February 1984, Issue 85, p 17-23. (Click here to read the complete interview.)

Andrew Saulís DOCTOR YOURSELF. Homesteaders News (No. 38, 1983) cover story p. 1-3 and condensation of several Doctor Yourself chapters on p. 23-42.

Lecture on a healthy, natural diet. Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle, July 24, 1983, p. 11-B.

Speaker lists seven ways to good health. Albion Advertiser, February 23, 1983.

Naturopath advises on helping body fight illness. Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle, December 15, 1981.

Man advocates better diet for improved health. Batavia Daily News, November 5, 1981.

Hamlin man teaches natural health. Suburban News, March 17, 1981, p. 3.

Presentations: (Partial listing)

Guest Lecturer at SUNY Brockport in Biology, Ecology, and Nutrition classes, 1976-1981

Editorial assistant to Professor John I. Mosher, Wholistic Scrapbook, 1976

Continuing Education Instructor at the Genessee Street Corporation and SUNY Brockport between 1976-1983 Courses taught: "Down Home Remedies: Creating Your Own Nutritional Kit"; "Forgotten Research in Medicine"; "Topics in Practical Nutrition"; "A History of the Natural Therapeutics"; "Vitamin Against Disease"; "Become Your Own Doctor"

Member of the Board, later Director of the Wholistic Health Education Center, Rochester, NY, 1976-1979

Presented day-long natural health workshop on Naturopathic Medicine in Albany, NY. July 14, 1979

Television appearances on "The Eddie Meath Show" (WHEC-Rochester) and "News at Noon," WROC-TV ( Rochester) between 1977-1984, including (Channel 8:) "Andy Anderson Show" November 16, 1981; (Channel 10:) "News," November 18, 1981; and numerous times on WOKR-Rochester (Channel 13) "Morning Break" July 26, 1983, August 22, 1983, and May 18, 1984.

Radio guest several times on the WSAY-1370 AM "Say it to Toby" (November 13, 1981) and WPXN-AM "Toby Gold Show"; also WHAM Talk Radio and WBSU. (1979-1981)

Guest Lecturer speaking on "Personal Responsibility for Maintaining Wellness" at the Transpersonal Psychology Club, Genessee Community College, Batavia, NY October 30, 1980

Wellness lectures at health foods stores in Rochester, Batavia, Medina, and Clarence, NY. 1980-present

Co-founded charitable vitamin dispensaries at St. Josephís House of Hospitality and St. Michaelís Kitchen, Rochester, NY 1980-1982

Presented "Health Yourself" Speech at Sweden Senior Center, Brockport, NY June 4, 1981

Natural Nutrition Lecture for the United Wayís Regional Council for the Aging, May 20, 1981.

New York State Certified Continuing Education Instructor in self-health-care for the Greece, NY, Central School District. Presented "Topics in Practical Nutrition"; "Health Yourself"; "History of the Natural Therapeutics" 1981-1982

Lectured for the New York State Cooperative Extension, May 1, 1982, Medina, NY

Presented wellness information exhibit at the Senior Citizensí Festival, Greece, NY May 13-14, 1982

Lectured on "Saccharin and Other Food Sweeteners" for a conference sponsored by the Brockport, NY Food Cooperative, August 25, 1982.

Workshop Leader on "Spontaneous Release by Positioning," "Vitamins Against Disease," and "How to Be your Own Doctor" at the Conference for Self-Reliant Living, Cohocton, NY, August 20-22, 1982

Lectured on "A Healthy, Natural Diet on $10 per Week" at Sojourner House for Women, Rochester NY, July 25, 1983

Co-wrote "What CAN I Eat?: A Shopperís Guide to Pure Foods" ( Rochester, NY: 1980, revised edition 1982.

Lecture at St. Maryís Hospital to OB-GYN staff, Rochester, NY

Keynote Speaker, Fifth Bi-Annual Health Fair, Buffalo NY Convention Center June 5-6, 1982

Wholistic Health Lecture at the Rochester Area Vegetarian Society

Author Signings at Rochesterís Village Green bookstore (November 15, 1981); numerous signings in Rochester at Natural Foods and Loriís Natural Foods; plus the Lift Bridge Bookshop ( Brockport, NY) and The Olive Branch ( Batavia, NY)

Presentation of Lecture and Intensive Workshop on "How to Live Without Disease," Lily Dale, NY, July 8 and 9, 1983

Presented "Topics in Practical Nutrition" and "Alternatives to Medicine and How to Use Them" workshops at the 6th Annual Homesteaders Good Life Get-Together, Naples, NY July 21-23, 1983.

Conducted intensive Weekend Workshop for Self-Reliant Living on "How to Be Your Own Doctor" and "Vitamins and Nutrition Against Disease" Naples, NY, September 24-25, 1983

Presented wellness information exhibit at the Senior Citizensí Festival, Greece, NY May 17-18, 1984

Presented "10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Health" Workshop at The Church of the Master, Rochester NY May 12, 1981 and the Brockport United Methodist Church, October 24, 1984

Presented "Practical Nutrition and Vitamin Therapy" and "Alternatives to Medicine and How to Use Them" workshops at the 7th Annual Homesteaders Good Life Get-Together, Naples, NY July 19-21, 1984.

Presented "Vitamin Therapy and Practical Nutrition" and "Alternatives to Medicine and How to Use Them" workshops at the 8th Annual Homesteaders Good Life Get-Together, Naples, NY July 19-21, 1985.

Lecture at University of Rochester Medical School/Strong Memorial Hospital to freshmen medical students

Guest Lectures in the classroom and at the Monroe Community College Theater at Monroe Community College, Rochester NY, November 28, 1984

Presented "Alternatives to Medicine and How to Use Them" and "Vitamin Therapy" workshops at the 9th Annual Homesteaders Good Life Get-Together, Naples, NY August 1-3, 1986.

Lectured on "Vitamins Against Disease: Fact or Fallacy?" Fairport, NY Library, October 31, 1992

Series of three interviews on "Natural Health Matters," WEOS 89.7 FM, Summer, 1993

Guest on Rochesterís GRC-9 TV Talkline program on megavitamin therapy, and the vaccination controversy program.

Facilitator of NYCC student meetings and letter-writing campaign in support of The Dietary Supplement and Education Acts of 1993.

Lecture on "Vitamins Influencing Learning Difficulties and Learning Success" at New York Chiropractic College, January 31, 1994

Public Lecture on "Vaccination Alternatives" at New York Chiropractic College

Featured Guest Speaker at the National Health Freedom Day Rally, Brighton Town Hall, Rochester, NY, May 6, 1994

Co-created and wrote the series of "Doctor Yourself" Community Access cable TV shows in Canandaigua and Rochester, NY 1993-1994

Wrote the curriculum for, and presented, numerous Postgraduate and Continuing Education seminars for New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY; Buffalo, NY; Long Island, NY; and Philadelphia, PA between 1993-1995:

Nutrition for Good Health (Levittown, NY: March 6-7, 1993); Topics in Practical Nutrition: The Clinical Effectiveness of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements (Levittown: November 6-7, 1993; May 21-22, 1994; Seneca Falls, NY: June 26-27, 1993; June 11-12, 1994).; Wholistic Practitioner Practicum (Levittown: September 10-11, 1994); Total Patient Care; and Vitamins Against Disease. 

Presented "Module Two: Naturopathy and Orthopedics" in the "Clinical Protocols: Orthopedics; Nutrition; Rehabilitation" Certificate Program at New York Chiropractic College Centre for Postgraduate and Continuing Education, Seneca Falls, NY, November 20-21, 1993

Presented several weekend modules including "Immunology and Immunization"; "Nutrition Protocols"; "Natural Pediatrics"; and "Forgotten Research in Medicine" as part of New York Chiropractic Collegeís 300-Hour Postgraduate Diplomate in Nutrition, Levittown, NY in1993 and 1994.

Wrote curriculum, developed and presented the "Topics in Practical Nutrition Certificate Course," at Levittown, Long Island NY on October 1-2, November 5-6, December 3-4, 1994; 

Presented "Topics in Practical Nutrition Certificate Course," in Philadelphia, PA on October 15-16, November 19-20, December 17-18, 1994.

Wholistic Health Lecture at the Jewish Community Center, Rochester, NY, April 25, 1996

Featured Speaker at "Vaccine Awareness and Your Childrenís Health" regional convention, Rochester, NY September 25, 1999, along with Andrew Wakefield, MD, and others.

Guest on TalkRadio AM 550 Buffalo, NY, October, 1999 "The Vaccination Safety Controversy"

Andrew W. Saul


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