What happens when one of my Clinical Nutrition students dines out. Sorry about that, Bill.

Restaurant Nutrition


Reprinted from “Reviews: Restaurants” section of The Impulse: The Student Publication of New York Chiropractic College, 13:5, February-March, 1995

Lasca’s Restaurant, Auburn, NY
by William B. Tackett

Hello, again, readers and fellow eaters. I have taken it upon myself to scope out another dining establishment in order to assure your safety and the well-being of your tastebuds. 

This particular mission was even more dangerous than the previous endeavors. You see, this time I was fully aware of the chance I was taking. I AM INFORMED! Yes, I am in the process of learning all of the dangers in the foods I once thought to be my friends.  I now enter these dining establishments with my eyes open and my arteries trembling with the new found knowledge from Clinical Nutrition! Leading me through this ever-changing world of nutrition is Dr. Saul (whom I respectfully refer to as “The Juicer.”  He is the informant, the main man, the health man, the Vita-man. He is the one who will help me live a longer, happier and healthier life; and frankly I hate him for it. I haven’t had a bite of steak I could really enjoy since the day he told us that “meat doesn’t digest in your intestines, it putrefies.”  I don’t even know the actual definition and to be honest I don’t really want to know. I only know he made reference to roadkill and 98 degrees F.

For those of you who were hoping to learn of a pleasant, safe dining establishment for this evening, I apologize for the tangent, but I feel it is important for all my readers and fellow eaters to realize what I and all the other seventh trimester students are going through.

OK, I’m back.

We decide to try Lasca’s Restaurant in Auburn and were glad we did.  We went a little early to have a cocktail at the bar and relax. The place was packed and... did you know that the cucumber and the pepper are both fruits and not vegetables?  Not to mention the tomato.  Oops! I’m sorry but my head is just full of all sorts of little fun facts from Clinical Nutrition.

OK, OK, I’m really back now.

As I said, the place was packed and reservations really are a must. We were seated promptly and it wasn’t long before we had basket of fresh baked bread in front of us. Not only was there bread but there was nut bread. This was delicious and... did you know the FDA had the nerve to take the amino acid l-tryptophan off the market, never to return, simply because a bad batch caused a few deaths? They sure didn’t have any hesitation about putting Tylenol back on the market...  Did I do it again?  I’m sorry but I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! (Feel free to join in.)

OK, OK, OK, I’m back

I realize most of my readers have not experienced our Clinical Nutrition class and are still eating MEAT; therefore I did the only thing I could do and ordered Filet Mignon. Before I knew what happened, the waitress asked if I wanted a baked potato or French fries with that and I said fries. To my dismay, she just smiled and said, “OK.” Not only did she not care that my arteries were clogging as we spoke but she actually just smiled and said, “OK.” Almost as though she was hoping I would say that.

Before the main course arrived, we were served our salads. Yes, those green, leafy vegetables and carrots and vitamins from A to Z.  I ate this salad with a vengeance. I ate it like I owned it. Because, as you know, this would give me the “go ahead” to enjoy my filet and fries, which I did.

My companion went with the Chicken Picata. This consisted of medallions of skinless, boneless breast of chicken sautéed with fresh mushrooms (healthy) and finished with lemon (fruit), white wine (carbos) and butter (saturated fat). It was delicious and I made no mention that Americans eat at least twice as much protein than is needed in a day.

The menu itself is loaded with seafood specialties, veal specialties, Italian specialties, pastas, chicken, and combinations such as Surf and Turf. The prices are plenty reasonable and as I have stated, the selections were plentiful. You will also find that at the bottom of each page they state that “100% cholesterol-free, low-sodium butter substitute is available upon request.” I must admit, I have become skeptical and am confident that The Juicer (respectfully) could surely find deception in that offer.

Enough cynicism. On to dessert!

“How about some coconut pie, Bill?” “Sure,” I answered. “After all, I did have that SALAD.” (By now, you must realize that this justification is simply to make me feel better and is in no way substantiated through experimentation.) I ate it and liked it. I will not apologize.

Well, there you have it. My first experience at dining out with the knowledge (a fraction) of Clinical Nutrition.

Take note, you readers from trimesters 1-6.  Enjoy dining out while you can for it is only a matter of time before The Juicer inflicts his knowledge on you condemning you to a longer, healthier, and eventually happier life.

Lasca’s is a good place to start. We loved it.

Dr. William B. Tackett was one of my many outstanding Clinical Nutrition students at New York Chiropractic College. Thanks also to former student Dr. Neil Hedin, who was at the time editor of The Impulse and put out a superb publication.


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