Psoriasis: A Case History

Psoriasis II


The fellow who has not had any experience is so dumb
he doesn't know a thing can't be done,
and he goes ahead and does it.
(Charles F. Kettering)

 I had never encountered a case of psoriasis before, so I looked it up in the Merck Manual while Frank sat there and waited as patiently as he could.

 "It says here that there is no cure for psoriasis, Frank," I said hesitantly.

 "That's what everybody has told me," he said. "But I think nutrition is worth a try."

 I couldn't fault that reasoning.

 "I've got to do something," Frank continued.  "The doctors, and I've seen plenty of 'em, say there wasn't anything they could do except give me these ointments and lotions. I said the ointments and lotions don't help.  They said I should learn to live with it."

 "How do you feel about that?" I asked.

 "You can imagine how I feel!" Frank answered. "There is no way I'm going to spend the rest of my life itching and looking like this."

 Frank's psoriasis came and went periodically, but it was back with a vengeance, and where the world could plainly see it: on his arms, neck, forehead and face.

 "What would you be willing to do to get well?" I responded.

 "Anything," he said. "Anything at all, and I'm not kidding."

 Frank was in his late twenties, energetic, and prematurely bald. And resolute though he was, I expected that he was about to have his resolve sorely tested by what I suggested next: a complete change of diet over to a naturopathic regimen of fresh foods and loads of vegetable juices, plus lecithin and assorted vitamins, including some extra vitamin D.

 He didn't bat an eyelash at this. 

 I sensed that, unlike most people, Frank not only wanted it all but that he was probably willing to get his hands dirty to get it. He might therefore be willing to earnestly try the classic quack cure-all: fresh vegetable juice fasting. One of my foundational naturopathic textbooks, Everybody's Guide to Nature Cure, by Harry Benjamin, N.D., whole-heartedly recommended fasting for almost anything. Really hard-core nature-cure quacks, like Benjamin, uniformly hold to the doctrine that whatever is wrong with a body, systemic toxemia is the root cause and fasting is the real cure. I have formed the opinion that fasting is at least worth due consideration. I don't believe in going into the ring to fight the champ with one hand tied behind my back. If fasting could help, and the fastee was otherwise healthy and otherwise without options, why not?

 I presented the idea to Frank, who embraced it at once.

 "So I could alternate a week of just vegetable juices with a week of a mostly fresh-and-raw diet," Frank concluded.

 "That's about it," I agreed.

 "How long do I keep it going?  Oh, I know," Frank immediately said, answering his own question. "Until I'm symptom free, of course."

 "Provided you are feeling good doing it, yes."

 So off he went to juice like crazy. 

 Right off the bat, Frank's psoriasis began to fade. He was much better within days. In little over a week, there was no trace whatsoever. But Frank's symptoms had gone away on their own before, so we all decided to bide our time. 

 Week after week, month after month, Frank stayed completely free of anything even remotely resembling psoriasis. He also felt better in unexpected ways: he said he was happier, sleeping better, thinking more clearly, had more energy (if such a thing were even possible for a guy like him) and hadn't a trace of a cold or any other sickness since he'd begun the program. He had lost a few pounds, but then his weight had leveled off automatically. He was one fit and trim, clear-skinned, happy guy.

 Years passed, and Frank kept juicing on a regular basis. He never had psoriasis again. Of course, there is no cure for psoriasis, so this cannot be.

 Frank must have been deluded.

 And yet I've seen this approach work on other people, too. Part-time vegetable juice fasting, employed intelligently, is safe and effective for reasonably healthy, non-pregnant people. Those who ridicule it should first meet Frank, who will confirm what it did for him.

 Or his dermatologist, who now will, also.


“Juice Fasting Cured Me of Psoriasis, Too”

Rebecca writes:


“I just wanted to let you know I'm now free of psoriasis because of you. I had had it from the age of 8 all over my arms legs and body, everywhere from the neck down. Unlike your Frank it never went away or faded from time to time; it was a permanent thing. The coal-tar cream made it painful and caused it to bleed (and didn't help it at all!) so I only used the stuff for a few months.


“After reading your page on psoriasis, I juice-fasted. It started to clear up in the first week and I was so excited (I need to get out more!) I wanted to continue juicing until it was completely gone (rather than alternating with raw) so I kept going and it took 10 weeks to go altogether. My skin at the end was unbelievable - so silky and beautiful. Since the fast I've eaten a raw vegan diet, and the psoriasis has stayed away (although my silkiness was temporary).


“During the fast I found if I drank fruit juice, I felt better than on just vegetable juice. It was mostly grape, apple, carrot or mixed veg.


“I've also had what looked like a red mole on my shoulder since I was 8. I can't remember exactly what it was called, but the skin specialist said it was "second cousin to a wart." That faded dramatically on the juice diet and is now barely visible.


“I still can't quite believe that I have completely clear skin. It's like a miracle. Whenever I read about someone with psoriasis in a magazine or newspaper, I want to find them and say "There *is* a cure.  You don't have to endure this for the rest of your life." I want to shout it from the rooftops. Nobody should have to put up with it. I'm so grateful for your website, and for all the information you provide. Thank you for allowing me to feel comfortable in my own skin.”


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