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Newsletter v5n3
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DOCTOR YOURSELF NEWSLETTER **EXTRA** (Vol. 5, No. 3) for January 7, 2005)

Written and copyright 2004 by Andrew W. Saul of , which welcomes 1.5 million visitors annually.


For the last three years, the Doctor Yourself Newsletter has discussed a United Nations effort to restrict dietary supplements. This scheme is known as CODEX. Though there are those who will reassure you that what happens to the rest of the world will not affect Americans, they are gravely mistaken. More to the point, even if that were true (which it is not), how can we accept injustice for all of the people of world except those lucky enough to live in the United States? ALL people, everywhere, need vitamin supplements. In fact, the poorest folks need them even more than we do. Disease, not war, is the single largest killer on Earth. Optimum nutrition strengthens bodies. Supplements are the answer, not the problem.

Yet, in Europe, food supplements are being banned as you read this. In Britain, they are going to be gone this year unless a court battle, now only two weeks away (Jan. 25), can stop what is known as the "European Union Food Supplement Directive." The EU is the most influential political power block in the CODEX scheme. Any World War II veteran can tell you that if we lose Europe to tyranny, the USA is not safe for long.

The world's people, like you, do not want their vitamins taken away from them. But make no mistake about it: that is in fact happening. The goal of the pharmaceutically-driven CODEX-EU Food Supplements Directive is to take over the medical world. That means you.

I do not normally use the word "Urgent," but I will now.

Here is what I recommend:

1) Please make every effort to watch this online CODEX video, free of charge, from The video will take you into a conference, where various speakers will provide background about the issue. It is a "live" recording, a bit hard to hear every word, and some of it is a bit cranial. However, I learned much from it, and I think it will be worth your while, too. My favorite parts began about half an hour into the program.

2) Please go to the Alliance for Natural Health's website: for much more information.

3) For my previous discussions about CODEX:

4) For action you can take: is a powerful resource. And, do not forget to write to your Congressman and Senators.