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Newsletter v1n4
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"Joy, Temperance, and Repose slam the door on the doctor's nose." Longfellow The DOCTOR YOURSELF NEWSLETTER Vol 1, #4 Dec. 22, 2000 "Free of charge, free of advertising, and free of the A.M.A." Written by Andrew Saul, PhD of , a free online library of more than 180 natural healing articles with over 2,300 scientific references.

Now that medical evidence shows vitamin supplement effectiveness, you may not get a chance to use it. An international pharmaceutical trade-group cartel known as CODEX is preparing to limit dietary supplements to RDA-quantities only, and make any supplement over the RDA a prescription-only item. This has already been done in a number of European countries.

Our government's response? Well, the US Food and Drug Administration has a history of seeking drastic regulations to limit your access to vitamins and other nutritional supplements. Make no mistake about it: FDA regulations have already resulted in at least six supplement products being pulled off the market, and one of these is, of all things, a brand of calcium powder. Another is the essential amino acid Tryptophan, discussed in the last newsletter. So FDA will be on CODEX's side.

The pharmaceutical cartel and the FDA rely on you doing nothing, so Congress will do nothing, and free access to safe, cost-effective supplements will be no more. The whole CODEX issue has been kept behind closed doors and off TV. We've had public hearings on tobacco. We've had assault weapons and crime hearings. We've had how-do-people-dimple-ballots-in-Florida hearings. Seen any CODEX hearings lately?

Every time FDA comes out and so sweetly says, "CODEX is not going to take ANYBODY'S vitamins away," you can tell them that we've heard it all before. It took the Proxmire Amendment to stop the FDA from making supplements prescription in 1976. It took the Dietary Supplement Education Act to stop FDA from making supplements prescription in 1994.

Now, it will take you to stop CODEX from doing FDA's dirty work for it. Will you write to your representative, your senator, and your local newspaper?

With the internet, it is so easy. Visit either or to email Congress. Use any 'net search engine to find your newspaper's email address. Go to for my famous "three- sentence letter" writing hints.

What would it be like to live in a country where it would be easier to buy a handgun than a bottle of vitamin C? CODEX's prescription for your vitamins will let you find out.

For a lot more information on fighting CODEX, contact John Hammell, of International Advocates for Health Freedom, Telephone 1-800-333-2553

Homeopathy Made Easy: One Remedy at a Time. (If you learn one with each Doctor Yourself Newsletter, that's 26 in a year!)

This Issue's Homeopathic Remedy Is: KALI. PHOS. (Kali Phosphoricum) Some Keynote Symptoms for Use, according to Dr. Schuessler's Biochemistry by J.B. Chapman, M.D. (London: New Era Labs, 1973): "Anxiety, brain fatigue, irritability, temper-tantrums, sleeplessness, dizziness, nervous asthma. Mental / emotional symptoms predominate."

To this list I would add: gums that bleed especially easily, motion sickness, simple headache, and a unique feeling as if one is "just too tired to rest." Kali Phos is a truly great fussy-child remedy. It really worked with my own kids, especially at high-activity, high-stress times such as the holidays.

Because of the medical profession's long-standing opposition to homeopathic remedies, it is unlikely that your doctor ever heard of Kali Phos. It is just as unlikely that your local drug store will stock it, but most health food stores do. The remedy is commonly employed in a "6X" homeopathic potency. The "X" refers to the Roman numeral 10; 6x is one part in ten, repeated six times. That is very dilute, and very safe. The cost of the tablets is moderate, usually around $5 to $8 per bottle of 250. Addresses of homeopathic pharmacists may be obtained by using any internet search engine or with a little help from your public library.

GEORGE HAD CHRONIC HEPATITIS B FOR SEVEN YEARS, and drug medicine wasn't helping. Here is his account of it:

"I haven't had many serious symptoms over the years except fatigue. My liver function tests and bilirubin counts remained elevated. Worse, the disease caused cirrhosis of my liver.

"I have been treated on two occasions with Prednisone, a steroid drug. Although this did bring my liver tests down, the side effects were terrible and the tests elevated after discontinuance of the drug. In May, the tests were again rising to an alarming level and the doctors (by this time I had consulted a number of them) told me there wasn't anything else they could do.

"It was at this time I became a health nut. Since May, I have been taking megadoses of vitamins faithfully and have concentrated more on fresh fruits and vegetables. I now take 25,000 to 30,000 milligrams of vitamin C a day; large amounts of B-complex; a mega-multi vitamin; lecithin; desiccated liver tablets; chelated magnesium; and vitamin E.

"The results of my latest tests (taken last week) show the lowest level of bilirubin and lowest liver function scores in over a year. And this without any Prednisone.

"My doctor is surprised and still skeptical about megavitamins. She says she can't condone what I'm doing (there's not enough "medical" research on it) but she does say I had better keep doing it.

"Tell my case to people who remain unconvinced. I was a skeptic once myself."

George got these results in 9 weeks. I met him again more than ten years later. He was still taking "all those vitamins." And he was entirely symptom-free.

By the way, using megadoses of vitamin C, Dr. Frederick Klenner cured acute hepatitis in 48 hours. ( )

STEALTH FOODì AWARD for THIS MONTH'S SNEAKY JUNK FOOD: You'd expect Food, Drug and Cosmetic Blue #1 to be an ingredient in marshmallows, right? Yeah, it's there to keep those sugar-laden pencil erasers from looking yellow after a while on the shelf. And you do know that there is Red # 40 in Kraft Barbecue sauce, don't you? That way, they can use fewer tomatoes and the stuff still looks good. And Quaker's Life cereal contains artificial Yellow color. Do we dare ask what real Quakers would think of putting yellow paint in little Mikey's breakfast bowl?

But the Doctor Yourself Tarnished Silver Award for this month's STEALTH FOOD goes to OVALTINE! Yes, Ovaltine, the health food of my youth, can no longer be trusted: Rich Chocolate Ovaltine in fact contains not one but all THREE chemical colors: Yellow #6, Red #40, and Blue #1!

When I called them up (you can too: 1-800-442-0099) to say that it is just a tad inappropriate for a product with a long reputation for quality to have THREE artificial colors on it, they couldn't have cared less. "Rich Chocolate Ovaltine," made by Himmel Nutrition, Inc., Lake Worth, FL 33461, is a good food turned bad by a company that does not seem to care very much about what your child puts in her stomach. The only part of Rich Chocolate Ovaltine that is "rich" is the profit that Himmel Nutrition is making at the expense of consumers that don't read the fine print on the label. Give 'em a call and tell them you will not buy it until they drop the food paint.

BOOK REVIEW: Gerson, Max A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases (Third Edition, 1977) Del Mar, CA: Totality Books

Nobel laureate Albert Schweitzer's wife was cured by Dr. Gerson's therapy. Dr. Schweitzer himself called Gerson "a medical genius who walked among us." High praise indeed, yet fully justified by Gerson's striking success in frequently curing cancer, circulatory and nervous diseases, tuberculosis, arthritis, and more. His book completely describes the details of his therapy, thereby taking the wind out of the sails of those who would say that Gerson was just out to make money. Unlike some books that tell of a cure, this one tells exactly how to cure. Pages 187 to 248 should be read first by anyone who needs immediate knowledge of the therapy. Pages 251 to 389 contain the 50 case histories, including x-rays, of those cured of a considerable variety of cancers. Gerson explains his approach, and the problem of cancer in general, in the first third of the book. Though rarely stocked at commercial bookstores, A Cancer Therapy is a remarkable volume and is most valuable for both patient and practitioner. Gerson's therapy can be done at home with minimal professional care. Here is far more than just "hope" for incurable illness; here is a proven solution. You probably struggle to believe that statement. That is why you need to read this book. (420 pages, paper)

(Note: Although I enthusiastically recommend this book, I do not sell it and neither does Doctor To purchase, try your favorite bookseller and have them look it up in Books In Print. To borrow it, ask your public library's interlibrary loan department to assist you.)

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COMING IN THE NEXT ISSUE: Learning Disabilities and Megavitamin Therapy Plus: How to Juice Better Health for Free Another BOOK REVIEW And more, of course!

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