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by Andrew Saul, PhD.
"When you are sick of sickness, you are no longer sick."

Natural Healing is about curing the real diseases.  It is not primarily about prevention, nor is it reducible to a few cute platitudes about low fat diets.  One bold example: At Johns Hopkins, 281 HIV-positive men were studied for six years.  One half received vitamin supplements.  The other half didn't.  There were only one-half as many full-blown AIDS cases in the vitamin group as in the no-vitamin-supplement group.  If this were a new DRUG that reduced new AIDS cases by half, it would have been front-page news and even on Fox TV they might have interrupted "King of the Hill" to announce it.  The study was released December 23, 1993.  I'll bet that you have not seen even one TV, newspaper, journal, or classroom mention of this.

And the medical doctors and registered dietitians are still in a snit over what they think is a controversy as to whether vitamin C stops the common cold?  Vitamin anti-virals are good news for America.  Why is America yet to hear of them?  Over 60,000 Americans EACH YEAR die just from pneumonia and the flu.  That is more Americans in ONE YEAR than were killed by TEN YEARS of the Vietnam war.  There is no memorial to them, but they are just as dead.


Nonsense.  By 1953, there were literally thousands of studies compiled in one textbook alone, THE VITAMINS IN MEDICINE, by Bicknell and Prescott.  There are protocols for .  The work is already done; but the word has yet to get out.  Want to believe this but can't?

It is not a matter of belief.  Vitamin therapy is a matter of observed fact.  There is no longer any doubt that 60 years of vitamin research has demonstrated this to any medical physician who reads her or his own journals.  They don't, of course.  After you listen to enough detail men from the pharmaceutical companies, and read dietitians' drivel in the newspapers or nutrition texts, you'll see why.  I know; I've taught thousands of students and doctors who immediately see the value of supplements as primary therapy.  Try it and see for yourself.  Results are what matter, and vitamins get them. The medical doctors and food-groups dietitians will see the light, eventually, but can your family afford to wait?

MUST READ BOOK OF THE MONTH: (No, NOT one of mine!) It is CLINICAL GUIDE TO THE USE OF VITAMIN C, edited by Lendon Smith, MD (You may remember him as the "Children's Doctor" from the TODAY show.)  Here is a summary of over 20 medical papers (and they are NOT just on vitamin C!) by Frederick Robert Klenner, MD, in only 65 pages for 10 bucks.  Dr. Klenner practiced aggressive mega-vitamin therapy for nearly 40 years and his detailed protocols (including his astonishing 5-page-long Multiple Sclerosis treatment plan), are in this little, essential book  (Life Sciences Press, Tacoma, WA)  I do not sell this book.  Ask for it at your bookstore, or obtain a copy to read through interlibrary loan at your public library.

"Vitamins in mega-doses are dangerous."
They are?  Then where are the bodies?

Smoking: 420,000 deaths per year (1)

Drugs Administered in a Hospital: 130,000 deaths per year (2)

Hip Fractures: 63,000 deaths per year (3)

Food Poisoning primarily from meats and seafood: 10,000 deaths per year (4)

Routine Childhood Vaccinations: 485 deaths per year  (5)

Shark Attacks: under 15 deaths per year worldwide

Vitamin Supplements: 0 deaths per year (6)

(1) U.S. Public Health Service/Surgeon General's Office
(2) John's Hopkins medical letter Health After 50, March, 1990: risk of fatal drug reactions in a hospital is 0.44%.  Ralph Nader's Public Citizen organization puts the number of iatrogenic (doctor-caused) deaths closer to 300,000 annually.
(3) Chemical and Engineering News, July 30, 1990
(4) Center for Science in the Public Interest, February, 1994 letter
(5) U. S. Food and Drug Administration; National Vaccine Information Center; and the Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle, March 3, 1994: During the 39 months between July, 1990 and November, 1993, "1,576 children died from adverse reactions to common vaccines."
(6) Townsend Letter for Doctors, April, 1992 and note (7), below
(7) Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) Statistical Series I, No. 9, Annual Data 1989

OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO, Lancet ran a study demonstrating that vitamin C and most of the B-complex, especially B-6 (pyridoxine), are knocked out of a woman's body by oral contraceptives.   Water-soluble vitamin deficiency is associated with stroke, and women on the pill are three to five times as likely, at any age, to have a stroke.  When is the last time you knew of ANY physician prescribing nutritional supplements along with the pill?

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ANOTHER MUST READ BOOK: Nutritional Influences on Illness, by Melvyn Werbach, M.D. (Second Edition).  Again and again relentless science meets megavitamin therapy, and again and again the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of using vitamin and mineral therapeutics now.  Here is the proof: a book, a large book, of several hundred one-paragraph abstracts.  You don't have all day to read all the papers, and Dr. Werbach knows it.  He's done it for you, providing probably the best one-volume, one-stop collection of summaries of well-controlled nutritional studies ever.  There simply just isn't any longer any serious argument: the world IS round, headache is NOT due to an aspirin deficiency, and vitamins DO cure disease.

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