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Maybe the M.S. patient doesn't just have to learn to live with it. 

Over 70 years ago, German physician J. Evers, M.D. reported considerable improvement in nearly six hundred M.S. patients on an entirely raw food diet (Public Deutsche Med. W., 72:521, September 19, 1947).  This is rather good for a disease that is generally considered to be incurable. "The cause is unknown... There is no specific therapy," says the Merck Manual, Fourteenth Edition (pages 1354-1357). Doctors and patients relying on this standard medical reference work for assistance may here find it a disappointment. 

Dr. Evers decided to try something new.  He ended up doing something old: prescribing a natural, healthy diet. His patients were to eat only unprocessed and mostly uncooked foods.  Why? "My presumption is that the Multiple Sclerosis is a metabolic disease which has its cause in the denaturation of our food," he said.  In other words, refined foods have evidently lost something, which Dr. Evers intended to find in fresh, untreated foods. "I ordered grain fruits, like sprouted rye and wheat, vitamin B-1 (thiamin), some whole grain bread and coarse flakes...everything raw or at least as little denatured as possible."  Raw milk, raw eggs and honey were permitted; preserved foods, nicotine, coffee, tea, alcohol, salt, sugar, white flour, spices and condiments were prohibited. 

Extreme?  Perhaps.  "I refuse on principle any half treatment. You can never do harm. I have not used any other therapy," said Dr. Evers. Then consider this: "Control examinations of my patients by experienced specialists (neurologists, internists and ophthalmologists) acknowledge remarkable improvements. Patients...entirely without hope have still been improved by diet treatment." 

Imagine: all this by 1947. Since then, Dr. Evers went on to found the world's first clinic specializing in multiple sclerosis treatment. Before 1970 he had treated over 10,000 cases.  His experience and success cannot be easily dismissed. Dr. Evers wrote two books:  The Changed Aspects of Diseases and the very practical Directions For Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.  Both were published by Karl F. Haug, Ulm/Donau, Germany, 1964.  They are very rare, however, and in German. Your public library can assist you if you wish to see copies through Interlibrary Loan. 

There is more than just hope for people with M.S. You can hardly hurt yourself by improving your diet, and look what you might accomplish. 

For further information on the natural treatment of M.S. you may wish to look at two classic books by Dr. Paavo Airola: Health Secrets From Europe (New York: Arco, 1972) and especially How to Get Well (Phoenix: Health Plus, 1979).

I urge you to read Smith, Lendon H.: Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C, p 42-53.  I cannot overstate the importance of this book, which is now posted in its entirety for free reading at

An extremely important paper by Dr. Klenner on the nutritional treatment of neurological diseases is posted at Similar information is also included in Dr. Klenner’s megavitamin protocol for M.S., published as "Treating Multiple Sclerosis Nutritionally," Cancer Control Journal 2:3, pp 16-20.

Additionally, I recommend Dr. Harold D. Foster's book What Really Causes Multiple Sclerosis (Trafford Pub, 2007) ISBN-10: 1425116361; ISBN-13: 978-1425116361

You might want to hand a copy of each of these to your doctor. 


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