Motivation and Your Education



"It's not what we don't know that harms us; 
 it's what we do know that ain't so." 
 (Often attributed to Eubie Blake, but Mark Twain said it first)

 Sooner or later, successful practice of the healing arts comes down to two components: EDUCATION and MOTIVATION. We need both the singer and the song. A highly educated person is not necessarily a good patient and a highly trained physician is not necessarily a good healer.  Either may lack the knowledge to really heal, or lack the motivation to want to search for and apply that knowledge. 
There is a whole body of knowledge only a library away from you. The trick of course, is knowing what to read, as in a supermarket the trick is in knowing what to buy.  (You can start by reading How to Live Longer and Feel Better, by Linus Pauling.) Natural healing practice and research is neither sketchy nor new.  There is a vast, virtually forgotten mass of medical and nutritional research that supports aggressive use of foods, minerals, vitamins and other natural methods as cures for real diseases. It is a bit like the continent of Antarctica; it's there all right, but you probably haven't seen it yet.  
There is someone you know, perhaps in your family, who might very well benefit from healing knowledge that is out there now. If a person has been told they are incurable, they have little to lose by learning of specific alternatives to hopelessness. If medicines continue to be ineffective, maybe one's illness is not due to medicine deficiency after all.  If you have been told to "Learn to live with it," why not learn to live WITHOUT illness? 
Motivation, that's why. If you, or your sick relative, have decided to only do what doctors say and insurance companies pay, you are limited by what they KNOW to say and pay for. So who knows it all?  I would question the motives of anyone who believes only in pharmaceutical or surgical solutions.  No doctor would admit to being this limited, but when nutritional therapies with large amounts of vitamins are ignored, or even put down, it is time to question the open-mindness of the doctor and our health care system itself.  
It wouldn't be so bad if extensive nutritional education were a requirement for being a doctor, insurance executive, or Congressman. Of course it isn't.  The obvious truth is that the very people with the power to decide what therapies will be "approved" (and reimbursed) lack both education and the motivation to correct their deficiency. Surprisingly, a lot of people choose to remain passive "patients" and stay contentedly ignorant of real alternatives to drugs, surgery and wimpy "just eat a balanced diet" nutritional advice. 
In the end, it is your own education and your own motivation that decide more of your health than any other factors. If we continue to call out for more and more medical care, be careful: we may just get it.  But do you want it? 

Get thee to a library; go.
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