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A smart man learns from his own mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

The health disadvantages of being male start at conception, and continue throughout the man’s nearly 6-year shorter life expectancy. While women have a backup (XX) sex chromosome pair, men have an XY pair. This means there is no genetic safety net, no duplicate backup for gene defects such as hemophilia and colorblindness, and that is why it is almost always men who have these infirmities. 

But this is just the beginning. Males are far more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD; far more likely to go to prison; far more likely to be victims of violent crime; far more likely to accept, and die from, a dangerous occupation; infinitely more likely to be drafted and consequently far more likely to die in service to their country. Males are more likely to be separated from their children by their job’s demands if they are married, and separated from their children by the courts if they divorce. No wonder men die sooner from heart attacks, and are much more likely (at all ages) to die from suicide.

In fact, men are more likely than women to die of the fifteen leading causes of death, whether it be accident or disease. 

Pretty grim stuff, and these and more facts fill the books of Warren Farrell, PhD. Guys, if you have not yet read Why Men Are the Way They Are (1) and The Myth of Male Power (2), you want to do so without delay. In spite of, or perhaps because of, all the statistics that Farrell presents (hundreds of references back up his statements), his books are not downers but are in fact very uplifting. He offers many insights and much practical advice, which I have personally found to be genuinely helpful. Here is reading that will make a guy feel better right away, and be a better man, and a better person. This has to have real benefits for the ladies in our lives, too.

Notes from Farrell’s 1999 book, Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say (3):


We “care more about saving whales than saving males.”


It hurts either sex less to be rejected by an object than by a person.


More hate for men will hurt women. Why? Men will stay away from committing to women even more. Children raised without fathers are more likely to end up in prison. Companies will fear, not respect, women, says Dr. Farrell, and, he thinks, will outsource, downsize and avoid hiring them to avoid legal issues such as harassment.


Men feel that they are “obligated to earn money that someone else spends while he dies sooner.” This is not power. This is powerlessness. The author’s father was reduced to selling Fuller brushes to support his family.


Criticize so the other will listen. That is tricky, but Farrell tells you how, very specifically and step-by-step. I especially value his advice for couples to “identify your loved one’s best intent, the best spirit of her or his strongest argument, without distortion.” This is masterfully effective, and you have got to try it.  When we feel heard, Farrell tells us, we feel loved, understood, and secure.  We can then stand valid criticism far better.


“Recent studies show that even when income was the same, both the boy and the girl child did better brought up by a single dad than by a single mom.” (p 63) Statements like that cannot be taken lightly, or made lightly. Fortunately, Dr. Farrell provides hundreds of research references to support such statements. That “hundreds” figure is a number not to be taken lightly, either.  Like it or not, and we shouldn’t like it at all, we currently live in a male-despising society.  Farrell calls for men to speak up when they are discriminated against.


Myths abound. Farrell challenges them all, taking each one down like metal ducks in a shooting gallery. Here is a really bold example: The average man, Farrell says, works five hours per week more than the average woman…job, commuting, and housework included. And Farrell itemizes a list of 54 household tasks generally done only by men. (p 100-106)


Farrell openly debunks man-bashing myths with study after study, citing feminist researchers own statistics to show that headlines and legends alike are simply false. He also exposes misandry at Hallmark/Shoebox cards.


This book makes good reading.

In fact, they all make good reading:

(1) Farrell, Warren (1986) Why Men Are the Way They Are. New York: McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0-07-019974-4

(2) Farrell, Warren (1993) The Myth of Male Power. New York: Simon and Schuster.  ISBN 0-671-79349-7

(3) Farrell, Warren (1999) Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say. NY: Tarcher/Putnam. ISBN 0-87477-988-X

Dr. Farrell's website is  He has a new book, Father and Child Reunion.


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Quickly now: What animal has the world’s longest sperm?
The Blue whale? The elephant? You’re going to love the answer:

The fruit fly.

Yes, the fruit fly: Drosophila bifurca, to be specific. And each sperm is about 2.3 INCHES long, 20 times as long as the fly itself. The fly is found in Central America, Mexico and Arizona. There’s something to think about before you swat again. (Source: Fruit fly dwarfed by its sperm. The Associated Press. May 11, 1995, citing an article in NATURE of the same date by Scott Pitnick et al.)

Mr. V writes:
My doctor has recently declared that I have blood pressure that has to be treated and wants to put me on blood pressure pills, (the reading was 150/100 ) Is there a way I can reduce my blood pressure without medication?” 

Switching to a good, near-vegetarian natural diet would certainly be a good place to start; there is no downside to eating right. More fiber, less sugar and fat, and more fruits, vegetables and grains is great for the ticker. So are Dr. Jacobus Rinse’s supplement suggestions, which we will come to shortly.

Your BP will be significantly higher when you are anxious, and a false reading may result in unnecessary medication. Take your own blood pressure at home, or have a friend do it.  You may find that you already have a partial cure for hypertension: avoid high-stress doctors’ office visits! 

This is more than just rhetorical hyperbole, for a daily program of stress reduction (such as meditation) has repeatedly been scientifically proven to effectively reduce high blood pressure without drugs. And weight loss almost always helps, too.

Let’s consider cardiovascular health in general:


Only in his early 50's, Jacobus Rinse's doctors told him he had but a few years to live. Cardiovascular disease had ravaged his body. Medicine had little to offer him but hope, and not much of that. So Dr. Rinse, a chemist, decided to look into matters for himself. He hit the books and collected an enormous pile of nutritional research. Some studies suggested that he might be able to delay death with vitamins and other food supplements He had little to lose, so he tried it. His payoff? Rinse would live for another third of a century. 

For 50 years, the following pick-me-up for the cardiovascular system has been used harmlessly and effectively worldwide. Science continues to uncover why it works, while countless people are satisfied that it works. (Quantities are approximate:

Lecithin granules, two or three tablespoons (TBL) 

Nutritional (or brewer’s) yeast, one tsp or as much as you can stand 

Powdered calcium-magnesium supplement, one TBL (or several tablets)

Wheat germ (vacuum packed or very fresh), two TBL 

Oil (fresh mono-unsaturated oil such as olive is ideal); one TBL (personally omit this; it’s just too early in the morning for me.)

Vitamin C powder, 1/2 tsp or more 

Vitamin E, more than 400 IU (increase gradually, starting with 100 IU, if you have high blood pressure. Consult your doctor.)

Vitamin B-complex, one balanced formula tablet 

And after this you think you'll be hungry? This food stays with you ‘till lunch and takes only minutes to mix up in juice. My favorite "carrier" is pineapple juice but you could use whatever sweet juice you desire. I can go for 6 or 7 hours on just one good "Doc Rinse breakfast" without feeling hungry. 

The Rinse formula may not be as appealing (or should that be "appalling?") as a big bowl of "Fruit Loops," but it has vastly more to offer a healing heart and circulatory system. 

Notes on the Rinse Formula: 
* Lecithin is cheapest bought in bulk at a health food store or food co-op. Specify granular lecithin, because the capsules are too expensive and liquid lecithin is enough to gag a maggot. 

* Gradually increase the quantity of nutritional yeast. It is an acquired taste, and too much too soon can occasionally cause a skin rash in sensitive persons. No more than a couple of tablespoons daily would be needed. 

* Calcium-magnesium supplements are best taken in the citrate (cheap), gluconate (even cheaper), or amino acid chelated form.

* Smell the wheat germ and the oil to ensure that it is fresh. If it smells bitter or sour, it is . . .  and don't use it. 

* Pure vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid) is about 2,000 mg per 1/2 tsp. Do not take so much as would contribute to loose bowels or gas. 

* If I had the sure cure for heart disease, America's #1 killer, I'd be Surgeon General of the World and have my picture on the cover of Time magazine. But good nutrition can really make a difference. 

For Further Reading
Rinse, Jacobus (1975) Atherosclerosis: prevention and cure (parts 1 and 2). Prevention. November and December. Very important reading.  Ask your librarian to get you these specific issues (or photocopies) through interlibrary loan.

Rinse, Jacobus (1978) Cholesterol and phospholipids in relation to atherosclerosis. American Laboratory Magazine, April. 

The Numbers
I just won a Scrabble game with my adult daughter. . .  by one point.  She said it was hardly a win at all, but of course I made a lot of the fact that I still was the winner.

You may remember from history class that America’s 17th President, Andrew Johnson, avoided impeachment by just one senate vote. More recently, Al Gore lost the presidency by the smallest of margins. A small margin, but plenty big enough to keep him from living in the White House. Many a world series has been decided by just one game of seven, and perhaps more importantly, many a Supreme Court decision has been decided by one vote, 5 to 4.

You might have already guessed where I am going with all this: one person really matters.

Back in the 1930’s, humorist Will Rogers was on the board of directors of an airline. At a board meeting he was attending, corporate big shots were discussing the possibility of issuing parachutes to passengers for use in case of emergency. They mentioned that if parachutes were available, most passengers would not be able to put them on in time, and those that did might not have time or room to get to an exit.  They concluded saying that of the dozen or so passengers on a flight, probably only one would be saved. Rogers leaned back in his chair, put his boots up on the conference table, tipped his hat down over his eyes and said: “But wouldn’t HE be just tickled.”

Naysayers are fond of pointing out that natural healing methods do not always, always work on every, everybody. But they don’t have to: they only have to work on you, or one of your family, to make the biggest possible difference.

Linus Pauling estimated that disease and mortality could be reduced by at least 25% if people took large daily quantities of essential vitamins. Let’s say he was way off, and it the improvement was only 5%. If upwards of two million Americans die each year, a one percent improvement will save 100,000 people. That is a lot of funerals that will not occur.

When I die, I would very much like to know that I saved a life or two. 100,000 would please me better. Linus Pauling was right, though. The real savings in life will be in the millions.

So be a health nut, and show the world. You really do make a difference, and don’t you forget it.

Copyright 2004, 2003 and prior years by Andrew W. Saul.

Andrew Saul is the author of the books FIRE YOUR DOCTOR! How to be Independently Healthy (reader reviews at ) and DOCTOR YOURSELF: Natural Healing that Works. (reviewed at )

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