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Your common sense approaches to wellness are of interest to DY.com readers. If you would like to share your favorite health tips, please email us. You might also consider posting on the newsgroups misc.health.alternative, sci.med.nutrition, and alt.health. 

"Feel free to use my story...if you want to just refer to me as Jack, that's fine.  I think it would be a good idea to include testimonials from average people...it could only help to illustrate how much each of us is responsible for our own health, or lack of.  <grin>" 

"I just thought I would add my own anecdote to your database.  I take a high quality multivitamin, eat fairly well, and exercise frequently...I usually don't get sick.  I'm a 23 year old male, about 6' and 190 lbs. 

"Last week however, I went to the call center where I take customer service calls for a major internet service provider, and the only cubicle available was between two girls who decided to come to work even though both of them had strep throat and high fevers.  I didn't think much about it, and actually didn't get sick for a couple of days.  Then, my life got busy, and, run-down and tired, woke up with a 102 degree fever, sore throat, and hacking cough.  I had visited Dr. Klenner's site and yours in the past and thought I might give the Vitamin C therapy a shot before going to the doctor (I avoid doctors as much as possible).  I took 500 mg of regular old store bought ascorbic acid every half hour for 19 hours (slept a lot, took a higher dose each time I woke up).  Between the vitamin C and about 2 gallons of water, my throat wasn't sore the next day, my temperature was only a degree higher than normal, and my lungs were clear.  This was the same infection that hung on in my coworkers for over a week. 

"Anecdotal, perhaps, but trust me, this is an objective report.  I usually reach "bowel intolerance" at 2 grams when I'm healthy...I took over 30 grams that day and didn't even have gas.  Thought you might like to know....and thanks for the site, it's well thought out and informative."

Bob writes:
"I really enjoy your site.  I especially enjoy your stuff on Vitamin C. The way I approach alternative therapies is I try them for a while, if there's an improvement I continue.  If I notice no difference or  things get worse, I generally stop.  For example, coenzyme Q10 has enormously helped my inflamed and receding gums.  This one is a keeper! 

"I've been taking large doses ( 15,000 - 20,000 mg/day) of Vitamin C and have noticed improvements in energy level, skin colour, (believe it or not) eyesight, as well as fewer and smaller cold sores that heal much more quickly.  It works for me, so I'll keep using it.  No 
negative side effects!

"When I see new articles claiming that large does of C have been proven to be useful (and harmful), I have to shake my head.   I don't agree with the dietitians' analysis and negative conclusions regarding taking large doses of C.

"Please keep up the good work!"

Sam says:

Just wanted to express my appreciation for having access to this information. I have a great number of friends who are now being, or have been, subjected to chemo., radiation etc. despite my efforts to have them consider an alternative approach to their affliction. What argument can be employed to persuade them to consider less destructive measures and take back some control of their own destiny?

Answer: That may be one of the world's hardest questions to answer.  To start with, you could give them paperback copies of Linus Pauling's HOW TO LIVE LONGER AND FEEL BETTER, which costs about $7 in paperback, CANCER AND VITAMIN C by Cameron and Pauling, and A CANCER THERAPY by Max Gerson.  Perhaps they would want to search the alt.support cancer newsgroup, too.

Larry says:
Sprouting Safety:  At 50, Iv'e just begun to get seriously interested in my health (not too late I hope!).  I've been researching on the net and found your site.  The article about eyesight, and many others, interest me a lot  but, then I found this warning from the FDA.  
http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~lrd/hhssprts.html   Can you help me sort this out?

Answer: Only in America, perhaps, would the government be so concerned with a relatively small number of cases of bacterial contamination via sprouts when nearly half of all chicken carcasses sold have been infected with salmonella!  The Center for Science in the Public Interest thinks we may have as many as 10,000 deaths per year from foodborne illness.  Meat, fish, poultry, and eggs represent the source of almost all food borne bacterial cases.  This remains true even though we eat those foods cooked.  Because sprouts are eaten raw, careful sanitary handling is certainly essential.  That's why I prefer home-grown.  Rinsing them in normal, clean chlorinated water and keeping them refrigerated until eaten also would help.  For twenty years, my family (including little kids) ate our fresh sprouts without any problems.  In my opinion, the greater risks are clearly with animal flesh proteins.

Mike says:
Vitamin Brand Recommendations: Hi! Can you recommend a multi vitamin supplement?
 Best regards.

Answer: It is my policy to not make specific brand recommendations. Much of what I think about choosing a multi-vitamin supplement is contained at http://doctoryourself.com/labels.html .   Health food stores are often helpful sources of brand comparison information, also.

Margaret says:
Hiccough: Thank you for the drink out of the other side of the glass remedy, it  really works. 

Answer: Isn't that cool?  It sure does, and you are welcome.

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Andrew Saul, PhD

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