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Vitamin Labels:



Want to know what is in that vitamin pill? Just reading the label doesn't satisfy everyone. Here is the ultimate way to find out what a supplement contains: write to the manufacturer. Email is fine; most companies have a website that a Google search will locate for you in seconds. I suggest you politely ASK FOR A FULL DISCLOSURE OF ALL INGREDIENTS AND EXCIPIENTS IN EVERY NUTRITIONAL PRODUCT THE COMPANY SELLS. This is very educational indeed. There are several possible responses to such a letter from you. 

 1. The company might not reply at all. Write again, and address your second letter personally to the president or chairman of the board, saying that your first request   went unanswered. (Your public library can get you the name of the head of any corporation in America. Company addresses are almost always on the supplement bottle.) If you still do not get a reply, this says a great deal about that particular brand.  

 2. The company may respond with a general, throw-away letter telling you that their supplements "are made with the finest ingredients" under "rigid quality control" and such like. That's nice; big deal!  Wouldn't you expect that of ANY vitamin company? Recall that you asked for specifics about each tablet. Failure to disclose specifics means they are hiding something.  Write back, following step #1 above. 

 3. If the company sends a letter giving a general ingredient statement, like the one on the vitamin bottle itself, that is NOT enough. Example: "Contains Vitamin So-and-so, 500 mg; natural fillers, sweeteners, certified color." This product might contain almost anything. It is necessary to know exactly what each ingredient is. Do not be ashamed to ask; after all, this is something you are going to eat.  Write back and ask for a FULL disclosure. If you don't get it, they don't get your business. 

 4. A really reputable company will in fact send you a full product disclosure. (I've even had telephone calls. That’s nice, but it’s best to get it in writing.) Any company that is prompt, honest and thorough is probably worth doing business with... as long as they do not use ingredients that are best avoided. 

 5. This is all actually much easier than it sounds. Your letters can be just three sentences: tell them what you've got, ask for what you want, and say thank you. It is worth the time this takes to know what you are taking. 

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