Injectable Vitamin C: Additional Information

Vitamin C for Injection



Dr Steve Hickey’s Comments on Injectable Ascorbic Acid Additives:


“Ascorbate (vitamin C) in solution can combine with metal ions such as iron or copper in a Fenton reaction. The result is the gradual oxidation of the solution. A solution of ascorbate in water will discolor with time as the oxidation progresses. Use of distilled water can lower the concentration of free metal ions and slow the oxidation of ascorbate. However, practically there are still metal ions present to promote oxidation.


“A chelation agent will bind free metal ions and prevent them from reacting with the ascorbate in solution. Both EDTA and calcium gluconate can act as chelation agents. EDTA is the better-known chelator. Here is a data page for calcium gluconate:

This next paper explains how calcium gluconate may be a poor donor of calcium ions because of its chelating properties. (It binds the calcium quite tightly.)


“The use of both substances is consistent with their action as chelating agents. Since their concentrations would be expected to be low in the solution, which is used may simply be a matter of the physician’s choice.”


For more information on intravenous vitamin C:



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Andrew W. Saul


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