How to Keep Yourself and Your Family Eating Right

Hints for Health



by Andrew W. Saul

People who want to improve their health can be divided into two types: those who work at it daily and those who don't. Which are you? To help you get going and stick with a good diet, here are some suggestions: 

 1. Remember that you are worth it. The time, expense and changes that go with a healthier lifestyle are an investment in yourself. The healthier you are, the more you can offer those you love. The time you spend each day on your health is not lost. Rather, it adds to your productive years and you get it all back later... with interest. 

 2. Your entire family does not have to go along with you. It is wonderful if they do, but don't make it a condition for your own self-improvement.  Show them that you feel great. Dr. Albert Schweitzer said "not only is example the best way to teach, it is the only way." 

 3. Give a little.  It is better to live a 90% natural LIFE than to live 100% natural for a week. Do your best to be as healthy as you can each day. 

 4. Make health as easy and routine as possible. Specifically: 

  A. Keep junk food out of the house. Simply do not buy it. If someone else wants to, let them be the one to go get it, and pay for it. 

  B. Have readily available good-tasting snack alternatives in the home at all times. Everybody likes to munch now and then, so make sure the only snacks around are good ones. 

  C. Health food stores have aisles full of packaged goodies that are also nutritious. Supermarkets do too; if you always read the label. 

  D. How about popcorn? You can make it fresh in an air-popper in no time at all for next to nothing. Without (much) salt or butter it is very low calorie and an excellent source of fiber. 

  E. Have a cold veggie platter in the refrigerator at all times. You know, a "party tray" with cut-up raw celery, carrots, radishes, broccoli, cucumber and other vegetables all set out nicely. If they are already washed and cut up and just sitting there when somebody opens the 'fridge to browse, they will get eaten. Center shelf, front! 

  F. Keep the freezer stocked with frozen juice pops instead of ice cream. You can buy plastic molds at discount department stores and make your own "popsicles." Use 100%, unsweetened real juice only. 

  G. If the kids pester you for a sweet treat, give them a spoonful of molasses or honey. These are as sweet as candy, but a lot more satisfying. 

  H. Have a big bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table 24 hours a day. Then anyone can SEE that they can have as much fruit as they want anytime.  There is no better snack. 

  I. Fill a candy dish with dried fruit mixed with some unsalted nuts. Fill another with sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Place them on the table, and    watch them be ignored... but not for long. They'll be eaten sooner than you think. 

  J. Keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator. Ice water is just as refreshing as a soft drink and a lot cheaper. 

 5.  Build in rewards for eating right. These approaches work well with a family: 

  A. BEGIN each meal with fresh vegetable juice or sprouts. Have nothing else in sight. Foods get eaten the fastest when you are the hungriest. We would tell our kids, "Eat your sprouts (or carrot juice, etc.) and THEN we will give you what you want." 

  B. Each person gets a prize for staying on an all-natural diet each week. Something small will do, with a larger monthly reward. This is every bit as practical for adults as it is for kids. 

  C. Give your children money if they trade in junk food from school, friends, or parties. Our kids made a pile on Halloween. 

  D. Give each family member a share of the cash you save on doctor and dentist bills.  J. Paul Getty said that such percent bonuses encourage "The Millionaire Mentality." If a filling costs $120, why not give a kid a couple of bucks for having no cavities? You are ahead by $118. 

Make it worth their while and make it easy, and you will have a healthier family. 

 6. Tasty meals are very important. There is nothing worse than a good-for-you meal that tastes bad. Consult a good vegetarian cookbook. 

 7. More fresh, raw foods will get eaten if you serve more salads. Try fruit salad for breakfasts. Begin lunch and dinner each with a large vegetable salad. Buy a dozen different bottled salad dressings for variety. The more natural the dressing, the better. Although, I will look the other way on dressing ingredients IF it gets us to eat more salad with a smile. 

 8. You can still go out to eat and eat right. Go to restaurants where there is a salad bar. Many restaurants will prepare vegetarian dishes on request. When in doubt, call first. 

What really matters is living a healthier lifestyle every day. You have to actually DO it, not just intend to. Vitamins do no good in the bottle. A juicer is valuable only when you use it. Healthy foods help you when they are IN you. No doctor is going to follow you around all day and supervise your every mouthful. That part is up to you. 

Revised and copyright 2019. Copyright  C  2004 and prior years Andrew W. Saul. 

Andrew Saul is the author of the books FIRE YOUR DOCTOR! How to be Independently Healthy (reader reviews at ) and DOCTOR YOURSELF: Natural Healing that Works. (reviewed at )



Andrew W. Saul


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