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AMERICAN SACCHARIN SCIENCE IS THE BEST MONEY CAN BUY, and it has been bought off, all right.  A substance that can cause cancer has no business being allowed, ever, in the food supply.  The U.S. Congress Delaney Amendment of the 1950's argued (based on the work of Harvey W. Wiley, M.D., the first head of the FDA) that there is no such thing as a truly safe dose of a harmful substance.  If you question this, ask yourself: How many drops of rat urine would you accept in your next glass of lemonade?  Twelve? Five? Two? Even half a drop of rat urine?  Yet no case whatsoever can be made that rat urine causes cancer.  Sanitation an issue, you say? OK, we'll boil the rat urine first.  Now how many drops would you accept in your next glass of lemonade?

Where am I going with this? We accept a dose, albeit a small one, of a known carcinogen (saccharine) while we would not accept a small dose of sterilized rat urine. Maybe you are thinking, But I don't even use saccharin.  But maybe you do: read the ingredients list on your toothpaste: saccharine is almost always in there. But I do not eat toothpaste! you might say.  Maybe you don't but your kids do. CHILDREN UNDER SIX INVOLUNTARILY SWALLOW AS MUCH AS A THIRD OF THEIR TOOTHPASTE. If they brush every day, that's 365 small doses of a carcinogen a year. Any dentist will tell you that saccharin chemically does nothing to prevent tooth decay. So it should be taken out.

Wish to be heard? Call the toothpaste manufacturers and tell them to take saccharin out of their products, or you will not buy them. 

Start with the two biggest sellers: Colgate: 1-800-468-6502 and Crest: 1-800-492-7378.

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