Student Evaluations: SUNY Brockport

Evaluations: SUNY
SUNY Brockport Studentsí Comments 
(I taught the upper-division courses Contemporary Issues in Health; Health Behaviors; and Environmental Health at SUNY Brockport from 1994 through the summer of 1997) 

Dr. Saul was one of the most entertaining and informative instructors I have encountered in my whole college career.

The best class Iíve ever taken, bar none.  It could have been really boring and dragged out.  Prof. Saul was such an excellent instructor that I loved the class.

I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed your class.  Thank you!

This teacher has been the best teacher in my college years.  Should be required by everyone.

Dr. Saul is the kind of professor that you know cares about the students.  He is greatly recommended among my peers.

Dr. Saul was an amazing teacher and motivator.

This course taught me a lot about life and about myself.  This was the best course I have ever taken.

I have never in my four years here given an instructor such high marks.  I learned a lot.  He is an excellent teacher.  He vas very prepared for class - using a variety of media to get his point across.  If he didnít know something, he said so - but found the answer for the next class. Periodically throughout the semester, he stopped to ask how he was doing - any questions, etc.  Thanks for a good semester!

I liked the fact that we had class discussions and debates.  This course challenged me to think about issues more in depth.  I think that Dr. Saulís contribution to the course was great.  He gave a lot of information and thought-provoking statements.

I really enjoyed this class.  Dr. Saul is an excellent teacher.  He has an enormous amount of enthusiasm.  I honestly canít say enough great things about him.

I really enjoyed this class.  Dr. Saul made this very interesting to me.  He really made me want to get up and take action.  In addition, his contribution was excellent.  He is a very approachable person and one of the best teachers I have had in my five years at Brockport!

Dr. Saul was a very interesting professor.  I can honestly say there was never a dull moment in his class.  What I was taught in class was very beneficial to my education and life in general.

This has been my most interesting class.  Dr. Saulís enthusiasm is contagious.

Dr. Saul is a very knowledgeable professor.  He enlightened not only me but my fellow students about todayís controversies.  I think I have learned more in his class than I have learned in all my college classes combined.  Not only does he teach exceptionally well, it is never a dull moment with him.  He deserves to be acknowledged for his wonderful teaching.

Excellent instructor; forces unwilling students to learn and read work.  Not a sluff-off course.  Highly recommend.

Dr. Saul is an excellent instructor and provided a very fair, interesting, and enlightening semester.  He interacts well with all students.

Dr. Saul, I can honestly say, has been the best instructor in my three years at SUNY Brockport.  He is one of the few instructors who make it fun to learn.  He is the only instructor Iíve had who looks like he is enjoying what he does.  We need more Dr. Sauls in the education system today.

Dr. Saul is an excellent educator.  He is very knowledgeable on many topics, and I learned a great deal from him.

This class was great.  Very interesting and informative.  Keep up the good work.

I want to say this is the class that I will use in my day to day living for the rest of my life.  Thank you for the experience.

Dr. Saul is a fantastic teacher.  I donít think Iíve ever learned as much in any class as I did in this one.

Keep this instructor.  He is a contemporary issue!

Favorite course of the semester!  Dr. Saul is a great teacher. Very enthusiastic.

Dr. Saul is one of the best, if not the best instructor Iíve had in five years of undergraduate study.  He is enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable.

Teacher shows great enthusiasm for his work.  I have gotten more out of this course than any other and I am now very much interested in pursuing graduate work in environmental science.

Prof.  Saul is an excellent professor.  He makes his class very interesting and he definitely knew his material.  He also provides insight to other subjects as well.  Highly recommended for other students.

Dr. Saul is a very good professor.  Out of all the classes I have taken at Brockport, and all the teachers, I have learned the most from him.  I would recommend him to teach other students.

I feel that Dr. Saul is one of the greatest teachers I have ever had.  I donít think I have ever had a prof who was so knowledgeable about the subject matter.  He also practices what he preaches.  I plan on taking more classes with him.

(A letter:)

I just wanted to tell you that your class made a great impact on my life.  I think that you are a wonderful professor and probably the best Iíve ever had (Although you are a tough grader!)  You really taught me a lot and I looked forward to going to your class every day.

(A letter to The Stylus, SUNY Brockportís Student Publication, 82:21, April 5, 1995:)

ďStudents Reborn by Health CourseĒ
In all my years of education I have never come across such an inspiring teacher as environmental health teacher Dr. Andrew Saul.  It is the first three-hour class, in fact, that I have never dozed off, for the simple fact that I am on the edge of my seat and hanging on every word that he says.  No matter what major you might be, this course can be useful to anybody that wants to live a better life without being a ďpuppetĒ to the money-hungry government.  This course has personally changed me to the extent of being much more aware of how my life is affected by the way we are taught to live, but not necessarily the right way to live, and how we take too many things for granted.

Andrew Saul, PhD

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