Student Evaluations: NYCC

Evaluations: NYCC
New York Chiropractic College Students’ Comments
(I taught Clinical Nutrition to third year doctor of chiropractic students at NYCC from 1992 to 1995.)

Dr. Saul stimulated great interest in the course and has made the class very enjoyable.

He presents himself very well.  It is obvious he is quite knowledgeable in his field and he respects chiropractic.

The instructor exposed us to the material in an open-minded way.  This ensured the process of free thought on the students’ part.

Dr. Saul has done an excellent job in teaching us this material and in stimulating a great interest in it as well.  We should have more instructors like Dr. Saul.

I have never been so interested in a class from beginning to end.  I can’t recall a single time that I lost interest or concentration with one of his classes.

I liked all the practical information presented in a way that could be presented to a patient.

Abundant documented clinical studies.

It is one of the best courses I have ever taken.

The clinical significance of nutrition was greatly emphasized and very useful.

Dr. Saul has shown a particular excitement about being confident that we can use what we’ve learned to compliment our patient’s healing.

I feel he has taken a potentially boring subject and made it into a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Dr. Saul is one of the more interesting lecturers at the college.

Lectures were captivating.

He mixed the lecture with course material and extra tidbits which kept my interest level high during the lecture.

Dr. Saul has been able to stimulate the interest of the class.  He has provided us with a great deal of  material in addition to the textbook.  He is a dynamic speaker and a terrific teacher.  Give less quizzes!  I liked everything about the course except the frequent daily quizzes.

Well prepared and knowledgeable.

Makes the material interesting in his presentation.

Stimulated my interest to further my education in nutrition and other areas as well.  I liked how the material was presented: clinically and precise.

The instructor has a wealth of knowledge of nutrition including the latest research.

Dr. Saul was dynamic.  An excellent teacher.

He really made me think about my health and nutrition.  It got me to quit smoking and eat much better.

The course was very informative because he brought great information which was all backed up with research.

He was very well versed.  Enthusiastic about the subject.

Intelligent dialogue; well prepared lectures.

The instructor was very knowledgeable in the subject.

Dr. Saul has a thorough understanding of the material, presents it in an interesting (humorous at times) manner, and is passionate in his commitment to good health for everyone.

His organization, presentation and his style were all excellent.

Excellent lecturer.  Gave a variety of sources and opinions over a broad area of clinical  nutrition.

Best lecturer I’ve had yet in NYCC.

Dr. Saul gave us the valuable information that we might not have gotten elsewhere.  Both required textbooks were very useful.

Covered a lot of clinical and important information.

The teacher was very informative.  He is completely organized and up to date on all material.

I enjoyed his teaching style.  I would like to have had him more.

Dr. Saul presented the material in an easy-to-understand manner and broke up the material with funny anecdotes and real life clinical stories.  He provided me a with clear way to start living a healthier life and help my friends and family do the same.

Well organized class and probably the most clinically-oriented class we’ve had to date.

The times the class was scheduled were horrible.  Dr. Saul’s humor counteracted this scheduling deficit.

Stimulated interest in subjects.

Dr. Saul is very enthusiastic about the subject and has much valuable information.

He’s one of the best teachers I’ve had at NYCC.

This course presentation was excellent.  I especially liked his humor.

The professor, Dr. Saul, I believe has been the biggest inspiration to me in a long time.  His lectures have stimulated such an interest of nutrition in me that I am seriously considering doing postgraduate work in this area.

Has vast knowledge of subject matter.

Dr. Saul is into his work.

Very motivated and energetic.

Great all around.

His presentation and rapport were excellent.  Handouts were great and informative.  He could back up all that he said, which was excellent.

The instructor, Dr. Saul, taught me to look at situations concerning nutrition, medication, and chiropractic with more scrutiny.  He inspired my thirst for knowledge about nutrition.

It was a great class.

Teaching us the cutting edge of nutritional information has really helped us as a profession.  Thank you.

Nothing makes material more easily learned than including it in an interesting case study.  By doing this, Dr. Saul made what could have been dry and boring interesting and stimulating.

He has the unique ability to teach in an effective, positive manner.  Though he may seem to have a radical viewpoint on nutrition, he still maintains the contact needed with the norm in average diet.

Dr. Andrew Saul is the most competent teacher at NYCC.  I learned more in his class than in any other, perhaps in my whole time at NYCC.

Fabulous instructor.

Dr. Saul is an excellent and informative instructor - a credit to our institution.

Everything was great.  Dr. Saul should have had 500 more hours on the curriculum.

Liked that niacin flush demonstration!

Excellent job stimulating interest throughout the semester.

Made it very interesting.

He was open-minded and stimulated your own thoughts.

Dr. Saul was a very interesting and informative professor.  I looked forward to going to class every week and I felt he taught me things I can use in my life and my practice.  Dr. Saul’s communication skills really make a difference.

The professor was excellent; stimulated my thinking.  He presented information clearly and concisely.  He gave clear instructions on what was expected of us.  He gave good examples, references, and followed his objectives.

I love the (although enormous) amount of articles Dr. Saul gave us.  He’s clinical and that’s what we need.  I’ve already put much information to use.  I feel better, healthier and more knowledgeable than I ever have.  Whomever is responsible for hiring Dr. Saul should be commended!  It’s good to see that NYCC is interested in our clinical application of our studies.  Thank you!

Dr. Saul did a great job of keeping me interested in the material.

His clear mind and knowledge helps us all.  He’s willing to answer real health questions and concerns with real answers.

Unique style of lecture.

Motivated me to constantly monitor my own health as well as that of my patients.  Very provocative and stimulating.

Very organized!

Dr. Saul made me open my eyes to another approach to helping treat my patient.  I enjoyed all aspects of the course (except all the quizzes), including the teacher’s approach toward the students.

Great class.  Nice guy.  Enthusiasm with course material is a big plus! 

He presented all aspects of the material.  Very systematic.

He knows his vitamins.

I think Dr. Saul made this course very interesting and enlightening, with his clinical stories and experience.  He is a man with a lot of knowledge.

Very informative, exciting and inspiring.  After taking this course, I feel confident in applying this knowledge clinically.

As one of Dr. Saul’s students, I can attest to his excellence.  Dr. Saul demonstrates a concern for students, and their grasp of the subject matter, that is second to none.

He has handed out unbelievable amounts of interesting research articles which I know I will be using over and over again in my future practice.  I am happy to see such a superior quality instructor on faculty at NYCC.  I don’t think any student should leave this school without having experienced what a high caliber learning experience Dr. Saul provides to his students. 

Simplicity; practical; good references; good personal experience; excellent speaker; too frequent quizzes.  What did I like about the course?  Everything.

I think Dr Saul is doing an excellent job in getting us to think critically.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course but did not enjoy being quizzed almost every class.

My favorite course so far at NYCC.

I’ve been to several seminars on nutrition, and none of them even come close to the wealth of knowledge Dr. Saul possesses.

Dr. Saul is among the finest teachers I have had, not only at NYCC, but in my entire career as a student.  He is an excellent lecturer who totally engulfs his audience with his presentation.

I feel the course was very clinically oriented, which is excellent.  I learned a great deal from Dr. Saul.  The information will be applied to my practice.  I really enjoyed the class.  The information, context and presentation was very useful.  I would like to see this class left the way it is for future students.

He has truly inspired and excited us in a way that few teachers have ever done.  Words cannot describe how highly I think of him.

Dr. Saul is an interesting and demanding instructor, who asks a lot of, and gives a lot to, his students.  He is interested in the chiropractic profession, and concerned for its future.  I have benefited greatly from having him as a teacher.  I have been a consistent scholarship winner and Dean’s List student since I entered this school.  I am a former teacher myself - and know a good one when I see one.

He is bright, exacting, interesting, motivating, well organized, controversial, humorous, caring, and pleasantly tough.  It is a breath of fresh air to have someone who gives all of himself and expects nothing less from his students.

Dr. Saul has given us an unbelievable amount of information with regards to the clinical importance of nutrition.

Seventh trimester has been no picnic.  With National Boards Part II, Clinic Entrance Exams, and the usual onslaught of midterms and finals always lingering above our heads, the last thing we needed was an “all-out,” “bust your butt” class in Clinical Nutrition.  But do you know what?  I, as well as my fellow colleagues, did not mind.  Dr. Saul has been the one teacher in seven full trimesters at NYCC to give one hundred and fifty percent every single class.  Sure, the class was demanding, and yes, he is a radical nutritionist, but he cared! 

It is not often that the students of this college get a teacher as motivated and as knowledgeable in the subject as he is.

Humor, information, and presentation.  An A-plus-plus instructor.

Dr. Saul is very knowledgeable in his field and has made a profound impact on us all.

His dedication, interest and knowledge was contagious.  This is a really fine teacher.  He started this trimester with students that were totally burnt out, who were not prepared to do that little bit extra, but to his credit and our benefit, he was able to “light our fires” and get us all to do that little bit extra.

Although I did not take Clinical Nutrition with Dr. Saul this past semester, I did sit in on many classes.  I must admit, I feel as though I missed out on a lot.  I see my fellow students after each of his classes, discussing nutrition.  They are all real pleased with Dr. Saul and his vast knowledge base, and his personality and teaching style.  He has impacted my life by making me more conscious of my diet.

Dr. Saul is a fantastic teacher.  He has tremendous knowledge in the field of clinical nutrition.  But, perhaps most important, he has the ability to convey this information to the student in a cogent, unforgettable manner.  He is truly dedicated both to his field, and to the people who are students.  Dr. Saul has provided me and my class with one of the most important classes we have ever had in the school. This is true in spite of our many class quizzes.

I liked the classroom rapport between students and instructor.

Dr. Saul is a well spoken, very knowledgeable professor who truly enjoys his teaching.  He’s a very inspiring person and shows true interest in providing students with data to make them better clinically as doctors and as human beings.  Many people complain about the quizzes and the work load but as I remember, every professor that has made an impact on my learning is that demanding.

The instructor’s ability to provide clinical application is second to none.

Yes, he pushed me and made me work harder in this class than any I’ve taken in the last year, but I came out of this class, hopefully, a better healer as a result.

Dr. Saul’s teaching skills are excellent.  He surpasses by far any professor I have known in a seven year career as a student, undergrad at SUNY Stoneybrook, and postgrad NYCC.
His class gets full attendance each week compared to other classes where attention as well as attendance falters.  He is an incredible asset to this institution.  He has definitely given me tools, skills and references to advise my future patients with nutritional recommendations that are sound and clinically proven.  If the school has a “Best Teacher” award, Saul definitely has my vote.

Good, practical information was given that we can take straight into practice.

I have found Dr. Saul to be a very hard working, well prepared and extremely knowledgeable instructor of clinical nutrition.  Although he has required more work than any of my other instructors this trimester, the work has been both pertinent and interesting, and has aided my understanding of clinical nutrition.  I consider Dr. Saul one of the best instructors that I have had in my two years at NYCC. 

Dr. Saul who teaches the current nutrition course is a credit to the school in its quest to attain the highest education standards possible for its teaching faculty.  He qualifies his facts and findings in his lectures with textbook and current journal literature.  In addition to the required textbook readings he has us do, we have supplemental readings via the voluminous handouts he gave us during the trimester, further substantiating his dedication to our acquiring all the knowledge we can on the subject of practical clinical nutrition and proper patient application.

The impact that Dr. Saul has had on our class this trimester has been extraordinary.  Not only has Dr. Saul expanded our knowledge base, but he has also impacted our personal lives through our gaining of a better appreciation for the effects of proper nutrition.  I feel that I will be a better doctor for having known Dr. Saul.

Dr. Saul is a wonderful instructor.  He is motivating and the subject matter he presented was absolutely in tune with chiropractic.  The clinical application of the knowledge he presented was highly valuable.  It is information that I am sure that I will use from here forward.  Dr. Saul is probably the best instructor I have ever had.  ‘Nuff said.

(A letter:)

Your lectures and your book have really made a change in my life.  Keep up the good work!

(A letter:)

I’d like to mention how instrumental you have been in filling the “nutrition gap” that I had in my education.

(A letter:)

I would like to thank you for an enjoyable, informative and entertaining trimester.  Your enthusiasm and energy offered great relief!

(A letter:)

Thank you for the most comprehensive education I could ever have hoped for in nutrition.  I have already used the information gleaned from this course, advising family, friends and my future student patients (for next trimester), and will continue to do so for the rest of my professional life.  This school could not have hoped for a better instructor in this field.  Thanks again, from all of those who will be touched by this knowledge.

Andrew Saul, PhD

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