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Only in his early 50's, Jacobus Rinse's doctors told him he had cardiovascular disease and only a few years to live. Medicine then (and some would say now as well) offered little aside from palliative drugs and hope. So Dr. Rinse, a chemist, decided to look into matters for himself. He hit the books and collected an enormous pile of nutritional research. Some studies suggested that he might be able to delay death with vitamins and other food supplements. He had little to lose, so he tried it. His payoff? Rinse would live for another third of a century.

For well almost 50 years, variations on the following pick-me-up for the cardiovascular system have been used harmlessly and effectively world wide. Science continues to uncover why it works, while countless people are satisfied that it works. (Quantities are approximate:


Lecithin granules, two or three tablespoons (TBL) http://www.doctoryourself.com/lecithin.html

Brewer's or nutritional yeast, one tsp or more 

Bone meal or other powdered calcium supplement, one TBL 

Wheat germ (vacuum packed or very, very fresh), two TBL 

Vegetable oil, such as safflower, sunflower oil, or flax seed; one TBL


Vitamin C (I recommend ascorbic acid powder, 1/2 tsp or more, three times daily) 

Vitamin E as natural mixed tocopherols; more than 200 IU. I generally recommend at least 400 IU every day. 

Vitamin B-complex and/or a good multiple vitamin tablet 

And after this you think you'll be hungry? This food stays with you till lunch and takes only minutes to mix up in juice.  My favorite "carrier" is pineapple juice but you could use whatever sweet juice you desire. I can go for 6 or 7 hours on just one good "Doc Rinse breakfast" without feeling hungry.

The Rinse formula may not be as appealing (or should that be "appalling?") as a big bowl of "Fruit Loops," but it has vastly more to offer a healing heart and circulatory system. 

Notes on the Rinse Formula: 

    * Some think oils high in linolenic acid, rather than the linoleic acid in these oils, have maximum value. http://www.health-heart.org/  
There is also evidence that mono-unsaturated oil, such as olive oil, is heart-protective.   

    *  Lecithin is cheapest bought in bulk at a health food store or food co-op. Specify granular lecithin, because the capsules are too expensive and liquid lecithin is enough to gag a maggot.

    *  Gradually increase the quantity of nutritional yeast. It is an acquired taste, and too much too soon can occasionally cause a skin rash in sensitive persons. No more than a couple of tablespoons daily would be needed. 

    *  The lead content of some bone meal today makes alternative, lead-free calcium supplements such as dolomite powder, calcium gluconate powder, calcium citrate, or amino acid chelated calcium more desirable. 

    *  Smell the wheat germ and the oil to ensure that it is fresh. If it smells bitter or sour, it is, and don't use it. 

    *  Pure vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid) is about 2,000 mg per 1/2 tsp. Do not take so much as would contribute to loose bowels or gas.  http://www.doctoryourself.com/titration.html

    *  If I had the sure cure for heart disease, America's #1 killer, I'd be Surgeon General of the World and have my picture on the cover of Time magazine.  But good nutrition can really make a difference.

For Further Reading:
Rinse, Jacobus (1975) Atherosclerosis: prevention and cure (parts 1 and 2). Prevention. November and December. 

Rinse, Jacobus (1978) Cholesterol and phospholipids in relation to atherosclerosis. American Laboratory Magazine, April. 

Andrew Saul is the author of the books FIRE YOUR DOCTOR! How to be Independently Healthy (reader reviews at http://www.doctoryourself.com/review.html ) and DOCTOR YOURSELF: Natural Healing that Works. (reviewed at http://www.doctoryourself.com/saulbooks.html )

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Andrew W. Saul


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