The President's Quacks

President's Quacks


"General Washington was taken in the night of the 30th of December with a sore throat. 
The “bleeder” being sent for, he took from him 14 ounces of blood. The following morning, the family physician arrived, and proceeded to bleed him copiously, twice within a few hours, and again the same evening, giving him thereafter a dose of calomel (mercury). Next morning he was given another dose. The next day another physician was called in consultation, and the result was that they took an additional 32 ounces of blood from General Washington. There was no alleviation of the disease. Ten grains more of calomel were given, followed by a tartar emetic in large doses. To his extremities blisters were applied, and to his throat poultices.”

“General Washington died.

(Pittsburgh Health Club Newsletter, July 31, 1931)

Former First President George Washington had the best scientific medical attention of his day. And? They bled him no fewer than five times in three days. Let's do the grisly arithmetic. The first bleeding removed 14 ounces; there were then three bleedings of unspecified quantity, collectively described as "copious"; and then a final full quart was removed. Assuming that the three "copious" bleedings were also 14 ounces each, that is another 42 ounces lost. Adding up, we have:

           14 x 3 = 42

Some 88 ounces of blood was taken from George Washington. The human body contains about 10 units, that is to say 10 pints (5 quarts) of blood. 88 ounces is almost 3 quarts, or nearly 6 units; well over half the blood in a person. Some estimates place Washington’s total bleeding closer to 8 units.

And on top of that, literally adding insult to injury, Washington was given calomel. Calomel is mercury chloride (Hg2Cl2). Mercury is extremely toxic.

It doesn't take a conspiracy to kill a President. Stupidity will do it just as well.

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