What Do People Say About Andrew Saul's Workshops?

Evaluation by Others 
Workshop Participantsí Comments

I learned a lot, including resources that will be useful to me as a psychologist, such as references re: nutrition and emotional problems.

Intelligent, concise, involved, humorous individual.

Wish he were an MD and lived in PA.  Heíd be my family physician.

Good demonstrations.

Very thorough, condensed, substantive material.

Excellent speaker and very knowledgeable.

Very informative.

Just what I was looking for.

Enthusiasm and knowledge and conviction of Dr. Saul; Iím evaluating my lifestyle and know I can choose to be healthy;  why donít I?

Very good!!

Smorgasbord of ideas.  Better than excellent.

A great teacher.  Excellent.  Stimulating.

Very good.  Dr. Saul is well informed.

Dr. Saul was informative, concise and enthusiastic.  I learned a lot and was inspired to go out and fast!  Also: he tells some good jokes.

Very thorough.  Quite helpful.

Informative, participatory, straightforward.

Clear, broad viewpoint and radical details.  Stimulating.

Well presented and very educational.

Very helpful; lots of info for future reference.

Excellent, especially 1) do-it-yourself philosophy; 2) non-authoritarian; 3) included examples

Well prepared speaker.  Caught and kept my attention.

(A letter:)
Very impressed with your knowledge of maintaining onesí health through correct dietary habits.  Just as impressive was your ability to convey your thoughts and ideas to the seniors in a very understandable manner.  While we have had many speakers come to the center, none have been as well received as you. (Rochester, NY Regional Council for the Aging)

An engaging and insightful speaker.

Fine lecture.  Interesting and informative.

I am most grateful to you for opening up this knowledge to the public.

An excellent speaker.

Lively appreciation expressed by those members who were there.  It seems that interest in your work continues beyond the evening of your talk.


Andrew Saul, PhD

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