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"I looked up your web page and really am impressed. It is excellent. There is so much material there that I sampled only a small amount of the information you presented.  Congratulations. You are certainly going to help so many people with this valuable information." 
Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.

Comments from Health Professionals about Andrew Saul's Workshops:

(I have presented many two-day workshops for doctors of chiropractic in the New York City area, Upstate NY, and Philadelphia.  I also was the Clinical Nutrition instructor for hundreds of practicing chiropractors that graduated from New York Chiropractic College. Here is what some of them have to say:)

Your presentation was very good.  We need more of them.  Delivery was very professional.

The seminar kept my interest; very useful information with places to get more on my own. Great handouts.

A down to earth, practical application of nutrition.

There was a lot of information that can be applied to clinical practice.  I liked that there were few breaks!  We got down to business and didn’t waste time.

Very good, with tons of good information.  Definitely will attend other seminars by Dr. Saul.  Do more!!

A real eye-opener.  I liked how you used analogies as well as logical explanation as to reasons for vitamins.

The presentation was great; very informative.  You were very thorough and  addressed all topics and questions.  Your seminar was excellent and I wish when I attended NYCC you had taught nutrition.  Unfortunately, my class missed you by one semester.

The practical advice on how to implement treatment was the best part. 

Best part of seminar: Non-conservative nutrition information based on facts.

I noticed a funny thing: the first part of the seminar I wasn’t able to pick up on your sense of humor, your spirit, your wonderful gift to create comfort in the air.  I would have loved to see all your wonderful “colors” at the beginning.  If it was intentional, I do understand the professional need to check things out with the group first.  I found you refreshingly
easy to listen to.  Great references and stories.  It meant a lot to me to hear the continued emphasis on “simplicity” and the tools for getting patients to follow what they need to do.

Meat and potatoes (excuse the expression) was given, just what I wanted.  You kept my interest throughout and covered most topics and kept it moving.

The information was very interesting and you presentation was informative and humorous.

Very well presented; notes are easy to read.  Amiable, easy-going speaker with great information, pleasing personality.  Well presented, easy to listen to, easy to implement, great information to be used personally and in my practice.

I liked the informative nature of the seminar, particularly giving case histories and practical applications of uses of vitamins and methods of recommended administration.

Loved your corny jokes. 

I thought it was excellent!  I liked the seminar’s direct application to practical use.  I have
truly enjoyed your seminar.

Extremely informative.

You were excellent.  Very informative: “meat and potatoes” style: good!

The seminar was very informative and interesting.  It was worth the time and money.  I liked the niacin flush demonstration.  Are you available for birthday parties? 

I liked the real life cases, the history of vitamin and mineral usage, and how to determine vitamin saturation.

Every topic of information was excellent.  I can’t say how much this seminar has been beneficial!

Your common sense approach to natural healing is good.  Also, you are a very reasonable person, genuine and sincere.

(A letter:)

I found you seminar tremendously valuable.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge, candor, and a sense of humor with me for the past two days.  You have touched my life and affected my future.

(A letter:)

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the three module nutrition course.

(A letter:)

Thank you for your seminar presentation last weekend.  I was very impressed with your knowledge and the material available to us.  I look forward to your next seminar.  I have already begun to use the information you gave us in my own practice.  The patients were very appreciative.  Many have said they wanted to know more about what they could do for themselves, especially with vitamins. I felt better being able to offer them more service.  Thank you.

(A letter:)

Your class was extremely well presented and inspiring.  You spawned a desire in me to pursue methods of wellness care that reached beyond my chiropractic training.


Andrew Saul, PhD

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