Sore Muscles, Bruises, Aches and Pains

Sore Muscles



An alcohol extract of two common flowers makes one of the very best topical first-aid treatments I know for bumps, bruises and strains (oh, my!).  And it's cheap, too. 

If you've ever seen a chrysanthemum or marigold, you've virtually seen a Calendula flower. Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is an annual, like a marigold, with a nice, dense orange or yellow flower about the size and shape of a 'Mum. Calendula is simple to grow from seed available anywhere. If you live in the northern part of the US, you might want to start the plants inside in March. Once outside, they are hardy with no special requirements. Ours grew everywhere, in sun or shade, in downpour or drought. 

Hypericum (Hypericum perforatum) is also called St. John's Wort. It is a wild "weed" that you may get in your garden whether or not you expected it. The flowers are small, yellow things attached to a rather leggy, almost tree-like branching plant about one or two feet tall. Hypericum grows even in really lousy soil, like most good weeds do.  It is also perennial, so once you get some your investment is pretty much complete. I've not seen Hypericum seeds for sale; perhaps you will locate some.  In our case, you might say that the plant located us, as we had St. John's Wort growing wild next to our front steps. 

The only additional ingredient you require is alcohol as a solvent. Even though you are making a liniment to put on the skin, do not use rubbing alcohol. Isopropyl and all rubbing alcohols are POISONOUS. Instead, use a beverage alcohol such as brandy, gin, rum, tequila, or vodka instead. This is just in case someone ever accidentally thought the tincture was to be taken internally. When we first made this, our kids were very little and naturally, we took no chances. Keep this preparation out of the reach of children.

All the alcohols mentioned above are 40% alcohol, strong enough to extract the goodness of the flowers and to act as a preservative as well. We simply picked perhaps a cup each of the flowers and stems of both plants and dropped them into a 2/3 full bottle of liquor, and capped it up. After about a month of soaking, and maybe sooner, you will note that the alcohol extract has turned a lovely reddish-brown color. We'd strain off the flowers and pour the solution into small bottles (or dropper bottles). There is no need to refrigerate your final product. We had some keep for years in the pantry.

Whenever we pulled a muscle, stubbed a toe, bumped a corner, had a fall, or suffered any sports-type injury, out came the "Hyper-Cal" mixture.  (Any serious injury, of course, requires more than just a couple of applied herbs.  Get all appropriate health care necessary.) I distinctly recall my accidentally hitting my leg against a piece of furniture. It hit so hard that I was certain I'd have a huge bruise the next day.  But I promptly applied Hypericum-Calendula liniment twice that day, and there was no sign of a bruise the next day... or any day after that. Klutz that I sometimes am, I have seen this stuff work over and over again. There was also one time when I whapped myself, not all that hard, and decided not to use the Hyper-Cal liniment. I had a bruise the next day. Seein' is believin.'

It is hard to beat natural medicine from your own garden! 

By the way, the homeopathic remedy Arnica (which is also made from a flower) is very helpful for sore muscles. So is taking a lot of vitamin C.


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