12 Easy and Cheap Vegetarian Dinners 



"You're a vegetarian, huh? So what are you going to have for supper tonight?"
Now there is a question I've often heard, and often from skeptics.  But more often, it comes from new vegetarians, dieters, parents wondering how to get their kids to eat right, and folks just trying to eat naturally on a budget.  Here are a few ideas for simple menus for healthier, cheaper meals that taste good.

Dinner # 1                      Dinner # 2                  Dinner # 3

Tossed salad                Tossed salad             Tossed salad
Lentil hash                     Baked beans             Whole wheat macaroni & cheese
Whole wheat bread      Brown bread              Alfalfa sprouts
Apple cider                   Tomato juice               Grape juice

Dinner # 4                       Dinner # 5                   Dinner # 6

Tossed salad                  Tossed salad            Tossed salad
Split pea soup                 Spanish rice              Lentil soup
Cheese tray                     with cheese               Corn on the cob
Graham crackers            Three-bean salad     Apple cider
Tomato juice                   Grape juice

Dinner # 7                          Dinner # 8                   Dinner # 9

Tossed salad                    Tossed salad              Tossed salad
Tofu squares in                 Vegetarian tacos        Whole wheat stuffing
barbecue sauce;               Carob milkshake         with cheese;
Whole wheat rolls             Apple                            Buttered squash
Mixed fresh fruits              Pineapple juice

Dinner # 10                         Dinner #11                        Dinner #12

Tossed salad                     Tossed salad                    Tossed salad
Vegetable fried rice           Lentil loaf                           Bean burgers with
with broccoli and                with tomato sauce;            cheese;
cashews;                             Whole wheat bagels        Alfalfa sprouts
Dried apricots or                and butter;                         Natural vanilla ice
papaya pieces                   Grape juice                       cream

So you noticed that every dinner has a "tossed salad," right?  Yep.  And you can have a different dressing every night.  What's more, you can vary the salad itself every night.  Hit the produce department of your local supermarket, organic grocer, or home garden, and go nuts!

And literally speaking, add nuts to any meal for extra protein.  Add fruit to any meal for extra sweetness.  Add cheese to any meal, especially for the ladies and growing children. Furthermore, add ice cream to any meal's end to get reluctant eaters to buy into eating the good stuff first.  Is it bribery? You decide.  I'll take cherry vanilla for mine.

Copyright 2001 and prior years by Andrew W. Saul.

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